Private buyers can get Dzire Tour now

Since the launch of the Dzire brand from Maruti, the company has come out with the new name to the model adding a suffix- “Tour” and the sale was restricted for the taxi market only. Most of the essential features of Dzire were taken off and some of the bare requirements like left wing mirror, central locking and front and back bumpers with the same color as the body, the door handles and the outside mirrors are also not there.

As the demand of the new Dzire Maruti is increasing so is the waiting period for the same. Dzire Tour from Maruti will be available to the private car buyers. For an amount of around Rs.12,000-15,000, customers can also have the front and back bumpers painted and the door handles installed along with the wind mirrors. For having the other accessories, the installation of left wing mirror and the central locking, the buyers have to pay extra price.

The Diesel based Swift Dzire Tour Price- Rs 6.16 lakh and the Petrol based is Rs. 5.12 lakh.

Private buyers can get Dzire Tour now

The compact sedan version of the Swift Dzire that was launched in the early this year had got unexceptional reception and since then it has become the best selling sedan in Indian market. Maruti Suzuki discontinued with the Dzire sedan, the one with a bigger boot to ensure the older model won’t affect the sale of the new model. After few months, the older model was again launched into the market with the new name Dzire Tour aiming the taxi market.

To aim the taxi market, almost all the frills were taken off from Swift Dzire Tour. Black bumpers, a single side wing mirror were the few of the changes and the car interiors were also made simpler with cheaper seats and overall the car was made unattractive to the private car buyers and they preferred Dzire Compact. There were only two variants for Dzire Tour- LXi and LDi and it has 1.2 litre, 80 bhp k-series petrol engine and the diesel engine of 1.3 litre, 75bhp FIAT Multijet turbo.  The massive waiting time for the Dzire Compact has forced the company to allow the selling of Dzire Tour to the private buyers as the family car. There is a price difference between the diesel version of Dzire Tour and Diesel version of Dzire compact as Dzire Tour is Rs 8000 more.

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