Range Rover Evoque in India: Review

The five-doored Range Rover Evoque, is not only sleek and striking, but also convenient and practical. Check on Road Price

A combination of great engineering and dynamic handling along with advanced technology helps the vehicle deliver an exciting performance at the same time with lowest fuel usage till date for any Range Rover. The optional eD4 2WD Diesel variant further optimizes fuel economy.

What is the biggest attracting feature to a car owner? The answer is being able to customize the vehicle he drives, exactly in accordance with his own tastes. The Range Rover Evoque gives the customer to do just that, coming to you in a tempting range of colours, luxury designs and finishes; they have based their designs on 3 distinctly different themes:

Range Rover Evoque in India

  • Pure: This can be defined as the purest expression for concept cars in the luxury segment.
  • Prestige: The tagline that is being used for this range is that this is going to be the ultimate luxury provider.
  • Dynamic: For the adventurous minded people, this car sports a more of a sports-oriented look. The Dynamic will be available in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol version of the Evoque will be a three doored one.


The Range Rover Evoque commands a magnetic presence through its dynamic profiling, muscular shoulders and its dramatically rising beltline. The vehicle can be personalized across three distinct themes of design – Pure, Dynamic and Prestige. Wide range of technological options ranging from Xenon headlamps, rear cameras, LED and an optional fully panoramic roofing have been included. A sparkling silver alloy wheel of 17 inches is made available in the standard model.

Range Rover Evoque in India


The Range Rover Evoque comes with a diverse choice of interior themes that will allow you to customize the vehicle in accordance with your own tastes. A wide range of aesthetically crafted interior finishers, each having distinctive design and character, is offered. The Range Rover Evoque’s signature display and control interface includes centrally located 8-inch Touch-screen for great communication and entertainment. A subtle interior lighting makes driving, both in daytime and night, a pleasant experience. Excellent comfort ameneties have also been provided for the passengers in the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque interior

The Engine:

The diesel variant has introduced the lightest engine ever built, a 2.2-litre, 150PS eD4; which has been engineered to deliver a quieter and refined performance. It accelerates to 100 kmph in 11.2 seconds touching a top speed of 180 kmph. The fuel economy is unbelievable, 47.1 mpg in cities peaking to 62.8 mpg in the highways. The emission levels too are very low.

Range Rover Evoque engine

Driving Experience:

The six-speed automatic transmission has been standardized in the petrol model and kept optional in the diesel variant. This features an advanced gearshift named Drive Select, which rises up to handshaking distance from the driver once the engine is ignited. Paddle shift controls also help, if one is interested to manually change gears.

Enhanced suspension performance combined with steering technology results in deliverance of an improved on-road ride with dynamic handling.

Safety Features:

The Range Rover Evoque has been equipped with the latest technology to provide enhanced active as well as passive safety. A very high in strength safety cell, together with advanced restraining systems and airbags offer the driver as well as the passengers with exceptional levels of safety. The very powerful disc brakes have been further complemented with electronic safety systems. Advances, along with stability enables enhanced performance as well as safety in diverse driving scenarios.

Range Rover Evoque in India Range Rover Evoque in India


All these wonderful features of the Evoque will not come cheap. You’ll have to shell out more than a few bucks to ride on the Land Rover brand. The price of the Pure is slated to be the lowest at Rs.44.75 lacs (ex-showroom Mumbai), while the price of the other three versions will be upwards of Rs.45 lacs. On road price of the vehicle in Mumbai will be somewhere around Rs.75 Lacs.

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