Range Rover Hints to Move Upmarket Against Bentley EXP 9 F

Officials of Bentley maybe very happy with the green flag of production bay for SUV EXP 9 F which was initially showcased as a concept at 2012 Geneva event, but they weren’t aware that Range Rover is also heating up to meet the lines of that niche rugged model plate.

And to confirm this news, John Edwards, director of Land Rover said to Auto Express, “We have a chessboard approach to the market. We look at where we are and see if we can go left, right, up or down to expand. So, for example in terms of looking up, does the fact Bentley is doing an SUV present us with an opportunity? I think it does.”

Henceforth, Mr. Edwards is also on a monitoring spree which can end at any spot where there is a possibility for Land Rover to grow . He too also did not shied from targeting even the lower segment if found lucrative.

Range Rover
Taking on the Bentley again, it can be termed easily that this British moniker is a phenomenal brand and does also possess capability to soar upwards whenever needed. As per Edwards’ finding he concludes, “Our research shows us that we have a lot of very wealthy customers who have a fleet of cars – Astons, Bentleys etc – but for 99 per cent of them, if you ask them which car they would keep if they could only have one, they always say the Range Rover,” which we can say is true in all the sense.

We can speculate that India may also get the entry level SUV in near future which was rendering in rumor mill during 2013 Geneva event.

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