Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest F1 Triple Champion

German driver, Sebastian Vettel’s way to the sixth position in the Brazilian Grand prix has paved his way to win the 2012 FIA Formula One Crown. After winning the third consecutive title, Vettel has now become the youngest F1 champion to win this race three times in the history of Formula One.

Sebastian’s title is the 10th driver’s crown for the Renault lead driver. Eight more drivers have won the title with Renault powered car. The first crown came in 1992 for Nigel Mansell who was followed by Alain Prost in 1993, in 1995 Michael Schumacher, Damen hill in 1996, Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 and Fernando Alonso 2005 and 2006. Sebastian won in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with Red Bull Racing. Kimi Raikkonen with Lotus F1 team crossed the flag at 10th overall by seating in the 3rd in the driver’s championship and thus becoming the only driver to finish all the races in this season. His team mate, Romain Grosjean was not able to finish the race but managed to finish with season eighth in the driver’s classification. The team secured overall 4th in the championship with 303 points, that composed of one win and nine podiums.

Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest F1 Triple Champion
Williams F1 Team recorded a double DNF this race, but single win and seventy six points placed the team at the eight spot in the championship that marked the first year of the partnership of the Williams-Renault. Pastor Maldonado settled for 45 points and 15th in the driver’s championship and with 31 points Bruno Senna settled for 16th spot. The last and the final race of the season also brought some happy moment for Caterham F1 Team as its driver Vitaly Petrov finished at 11th position lifting the Anglo-Malayasian team to the vital 10th position in the constructor’s Championship for twice. Vitaly finished at 19th and Heikki Kovalainen at 22nd.

Managing Director of Renault Spots F1, Jean-Francois Caubet said that they would like to congratulate Vettel for his incredible performance for the day and for his third consecutive title. He also said that they are proud to see another title for the Renault powered driver and of their partner Red Bull Racing. He also extended his wishes to their partners Willians F1 team, Lotus F1 team and Caterham F1 Team. Together they have scored a total of about nine wins and 839 points.

He further added that even in the last lap all the four teams finished in the top ten of the championship. He was quite pleased with the record as they are becoming triple world champions. He also said that this was quite a hard year but also a year that has produced exceptional results and outstanding performances. It was quite great to be a part of the team that had 3 season titles in a row.

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