‘Refreshed’ Nano to come soon, says Ratan Tata

According to Mr. Ratan Tata, globe’s most inexpensive car, Tata Nano is being freshened-up to comprehend its complete potential.

Mr. Ratan attributed a lot of aspects comprising facility transfers, certain problems with franchises and inadequate promotion in addition to publicity for loss of momentum in the sale figures of the people’s vehicle.

“We were not equipped to market the vehicle as we should have. I believe that has a lot to do with the actuality that thrust got lost,” Mr. Ratan Tata stated.

Refreshed Nano to come soon says Ratan Tata
The Tata Nano’s introduction had chiefly been postponed by more than a year owing to the facility being transferred from Singur in the state of West Bengal to a location in the state of Gujarat after protestations by local agriculturists and inhabitants over the land acquirement procedure.

Other constituents comprised the cost, which was to be Rs one lakh but ultimately passed over that sum considerably when the globe’s most inexpensive car was rolled out.

Mr. Tata Nano added that it had been over 4 years since the vehicle was rolled out and that it was moment to freshen up the vehicle.

Mr. Tata Nano added that they will deal with all the matters, which the vehicle presently confronts before rolling out the facelifted edition.

But, Mr. Tata did not spell out a time for when the freshened up Tata Nano would be introduced.

This entails that the buffs can anticipate the new Nano to be launched with both the diesel and CNG mills in addition to small tweaks like conventional boot.

After the first 1 lakh vehicle units got sold, the interest in the vehicle unsurprisingly died out.

The company was unsuspecting with a deficiency of publicity campaigns and inadequate dealership system.

When questioned regarding the proposals for the ‘freshened up’ Nano, Tata Motors said, “With focused initiatives to augment reach and penetration, by nominating Nano exclusive dealers, Tata Motors is targeting rustic clients to drive expansion.”

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