Aston Martin to join hands with AMG

Upcoming Aston Martin could obtain Mercedes-Benz AMG engines, gear cases and electric structural designs accompanying the British sports vehicle manufacturer’s cash injection from a PE company associated to the German vehicle maker.

Investindustrial, an Italy-based equity company that sold Ducati to Audi, has made a payment of around Rs 1,308.23 crore for a 37.5% equity stake in Aston.

As per reports, Investindustrial will work along with majority investor Investment Dar and minority stockholders comprising Aston Martin chief executive officer Ulrich Bez and Aston chairman David Richards.

Aston Martin to join hands with AMG

The transaction strengthens the company’s subsisting product expansion plan for the coming 5 years period.

Investindustrial has made entry in a joint venture with Mercedes and AMG when it possessed Ducati.

There is no confirmation of Mercedes being involved in the Aston Martin agreement, but representatives have supported that the affiliations between Investindustrial and Mercedes have been continued.

A leading Mercedes source stated on Investindustrial, “We are acquainted with these people. They were behind Ducati and we had a very strongly weave marketing agreement with them. They called up and asked if they bagged the bid for Aston, would we be interested in being a technology associate.”

Aston Martin to join hands with AMG

Aston Martin to join hands with AMG Aston Martin to join hands with AMG

Amongst the constituents Aston Martin is said to be seeking from AMG is an innovative V12 petrol engine to substitute the aged Ford-made component it presently utilizes. But, the planned teamwork between AMG and Investindustrial seems to include a much wider brief.

“There is noteworthy possibility,” said the source. “It would be more than just drivelines. If you look at Aston products at the moment, it is clear that they require not only novel drivelines with augmented performance and enhanced emissions but also electronic architectures.”

AMG-fabricated engines comprise a double-turbo 6.0-litre V12 and a double-turbo 5.5-litre V8, whilst a turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 is stated to be in progress. AMG has also masterminded an exclusive edition of Mercedes’ 7-pace double-clutch automatic gear case for its personal models.

Aston Martin to join hands with AMG

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