Renault India At Auto Expo 2020 – The Motor Show

Renault India At Auto Expo 2020 The Motor Show

Renault pavilion was active too with showcasing quite a few cars at Auto Expo 2020 – The Motor Show. Amongst them were Renault City K- ZE, Renault Zoe, Renault Symbioz, Renault Triber, Renault Twizy Cargo, Renault R.S. 2027 Vision.

Groupe Renault is a leader when it comes to electric mobility in Europe, with more than 250,000 all-electric vehicles on the road.  Hence they will contribute to the implementation of the EV policy in India as well

From electric vehicles to concept cars, Renault presented its futuristic and innovative designs that caught the attention of the world at the Auto expo 2020.

Renault SYMBIOZ Concept

The SYMBIOZ Concept is a fusion of vehicle and living space and is designed as a genuine extension to your home so that you feel like you never leave your lounge while you are travelling.

R.S. 2027 Vision

Be at the heart of the action in every race with the R.S. 2027 Vision. It is built on the three main foundations of Renault innovation today: the electric vehicle, the connected vehicle and the autonomous vehicle.

Renault ZOE

This electric car lets you rediscover the pleasure of driving. With Renault ZOE, you can experience cutting edge technology, over 200 miles of driving range and the electric revolution with the Zoe.

Renault TWIZY Cargo

The innovative design and futuristic architecture of the Renault TWIZY grabs everyone’s attention. This compact electric vehicle is the perfect alternative to a city car. 

Renault City K-ZE

The Renault City K-ZE is an electric city car based on the KWID platform and is being manufactured and sold in China since 2019.  

Renault TRIBER

The Renault TRIBER is built on a unique and latest generation modular platform, which offers unbeatable roominess and flexibility. In a very short time, this super spacious, ultra-modular game changer has taken the Indian market by storm.

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