2022 Renault Kiger Review | SWOT Analysis Review |

2022 Renault Kiger Review | SWOT Analysis Review |

Today, we review Renault Kiger using SWOT Analysis. You will find the strengths of the car, weakness, opportunities it has and threats it can face. Renault Kiger is priced between Rs 5.84-10.84 Lakhs (ex-showroom). It rivals the Tata Punch, the Hyundai Venue, the Kia Sonet, and the Nissan Magnite in the compact SUV segment.

Let us discuss strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of Renault Kiger.

 Strengths Of Renault Kiger

  • Low Cost Of Maintenance 

Renault claims that their advanced 1.0L three-cylinder engine is as pocket friendly as advanced it is. According to the brand, the maintenance of the Kiger costs just 40 paise/km, which is quite a proposition, considering the rising cost of ownership of vehicles.

  • Largest Boot Space

The design of the Kiger might not assure you, but the Kiger actually has the best boot space in its segment, a massive 405 litres. Even the Kia Sonet & Hyundai Venue don’t have such a space to haul the luggage. Kiger’s boot space is complemented by the 60:40 split rear foldable seats.

  • Fuel-Efficient

With the use of a 1.0L three-cylinder engine, Kiger delivers a high fuel efficiency between 18-20 Km/L. Both the manual & automatic gearboxes have been tuned well, to deliver these figures. 

  • Affordable in Segment

The Kiger was the most affordable compact SUV until the launch of Tata Punch. The Kiger is being offered at Rs 5.84 Lakhs for the base variant, which still makes it the value for money proposition in the segment.

  • Driving Modes

The Kiger comes with three driving modes eco, normal & sport, and this feature is not just a tech gimmick, it actually works in the real world, as the difference in driving experience is quite evident when you switch to different modes. The presence of eco mode contributes a lot towards the high fuel efficiency that the compact SUV offers.

Weakness Of Renault Kiger

  • Refinement of Engine

While the small displacement has its perk of delivering high fuel efficiency and low maintenance, it does have its cons; refinement. The 1.0L three-cylinder engine is not the most refined engine that you’ll come across.

  • No Diesel Engine

Considering few manufacturers in the Compact SUV segment, are still offering diesel engines, the lack of diesel powertrain is disappointing for highway mile munchers who prefer a diesel powertrain over petrol. 

  • Quality of Interiors

Renault has done a phenomenal job with the design of the interior of the Kiger, but it must be noted that the materials used in the cabin are not the plushest and soft to touch, due to the cost-cutting, to maintain its affordable pricing. 

  • Confusing Design with Kwid

Automobile designs are completely subjective to buyers and their preferences. However, design plays an important psychological first impression of the vehicle. For ex. Tata Nano was an engineering marvel, but it did not translate well into sales figures due to its perceived image of the ‘cheapest’ car. 

This could be the case with Kiger because when glanced at for the first time, it looks like an elder sibling of the Kwid, especially the front end. 

No doubt the Kiger looks amazing, but this is an observation worth mentioning.    

Opportunities For Renault Kiger

  • Cruise Control
  • Sunroof
  • Connected Car tech

Threats For Renault Kiger

Nissan Magnite

The Magnite & the Kiger share the same chassis & engine platform, which makes them completely identical, even in terms of pricing. Although they do not have many differences, Magnite still remains to be a rival in the segment. 

  • Kia Sonet
  • Hyundai Venue

Both the Kia Sonet & the Hyundai Venue offer diesel engines, plush interiors, a sunroof, and more comfort features. These SUVs have also been the best seller in the segment, which makes them a strong rival. 

Tata Punch

The recent addition to the compact SUV segment is the Tata Punch. 

It is the most affordable in the segment and even comes with a bigger engine and a 5-Star safety rating. 

So to summarise the SWOT Analysis Review, it’s established that if you’re on a tight budget and want a combination of low maintenance, fuel efficiency, safety & basic tech features, then Kiger is the one to choose. However, if you don’t mind shelling out some extra cash for your monthly EMIs, then there are other SUVs to look at, the Sonet, and the Venue.  


  • Low Maintenance Cost – 40 Paise/Km
  • Boot Space – 405 Litres
  • FE- 18-20 Km/L
  • Price – Rs 5.84-10.40 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)

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