Maruti’s employee management issues end after 14 days

India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Limited can finally heave a sigh of relief after almost 15 days of being out of commission due to its labor strike. The Haryana government had to intervene to sort out the issue and a committee of the workers, Haryana government and also the Maruti management finally announced that the labour stir has ended now.

The agreement states that the Maruti management has agreed to take back 63 workers while their 30 colleagues would still remain outside the gates. Adding to the reinstatement figures would be the 1200 casual workers as well. Not only have the staff at Gurgaon and Manesar withdrew their strike but also the ones at Suzuki motorcycles have also ended their stir. It may be recalled that the Suzuki workers were on a strike to support their colleagues at Maruti’s facilities. Maruti’s management took up the case of each worker individually and the amount of indiscipline that each one did and then subsequently each one was reinstated. The reason why the casual workers were reinstated was coz Maruti needed their help for the expansion plans for the Manesar plant. Moreover, each of the striking worker wouldn’t stand to receive any pay since they didn’t attend work on the days that they were on strike. It is said that the pending backlog of all the orders that Maruti dealers have accumulated over these days would be cleared first.

Maruti’s employee management issues end after 14 days

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