Rolls Royce carbon fiber limited edition models are the next exclusives: Report

Consideration of an SUV for Rolls Royce was the last testimony for it to affirm a strong decision emerging in the future. But looking at a report in the industry, we felt that Rolls Royce is now more interested in making something else, rather than going off-roads with SUVs.

Hopefully a report at Edmunds had claimed Rolls Royce will be making limited editions of carbon fiber in the near future.

However, the carbon fiber are not so less expensive than other of the metals in industry, but report says, it takes a less amount of fabrication effort for bending into the desired shapes, comparatively lesser than the steel and aluminum bodies.

Lest, a number of shapes and curves can be dwelled easily too on the carbon fiber, which sounds tough on the said hard metals core.

Rolls Royce
It is exclaimed, the carbon fiber crisps will be made available in limited numbers only so that the exclusivity can be retained.

We say, the owners of Rolls Royce believes paying those bucks for getting exclusively worked and classically designed vehicles, which to an extent must look like a Legend and could be retained for centuries. Whereas, the carbon fiber dwelled vehicles may shed the image of prestigious Rolls Royce into some criticizing corner where it doesn’t meant to be astounded for.

New Rolls Royce
Courtesy: Edmunds

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