Rolls Royce unveils Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition

It was on Friday, when Rolls-Royce Motor Cars finally came up with the Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection. The British luxury automobile manufacturer presented the collection to pay tribute to Rolls-Royce’s co-founder Charles Stewart and R.J. Mitchell developed Supermarine S.6B (British racing seaplane, which won the 1930 Schneider Trophy). The seaplane was then driven by Rolls-Royce’s “R Type” powerhouse.

It was at the Pebble Beach Quail gathering in California, where the British automaker came up with the debut of the all new Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition, featuring exclusive design, colour combination and even new materials. Rolls-Royce’s CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös stated, “Our founding forefather Charles Stewart Rolls was a pioneer who pushed the boundaries of motoring and aviation to the limit,” He further adds, “With our exclusive Phantom Coupe Aviator Collection we celebrate this great British hero, presenting a car which hints at experiments in early flight married to the best engineering, modern design and exquisitely crafted materials. The collection takes Rolls-Royce Bespoke to new levels of subtle, yet beautiful detailing.”

Rolls Royce unveils Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition

As far as the styling and the outlook of the Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition are concerned, the car is induced with a contrasting matte bonnet, window and grille surround. Apart from these, the interiors too have been fully loaded with some hi-tech features and gadgets. The car’s interiors include a Thommen.Aviation-grade clock with blood orange needle tips is embedded in the metal foil upper fascia along with matt black dials for power reserve, speedometer and fuel gauges to make it look promising.

Moreover, the Sapele Contrast-featured lower fascia of the car too has been carved out with mahogany in a shape that resembles to propellers of older days. Metallic touches too have been used in abundance in the car features, e.g. polished stainless steel coating on ‘onlays’along with bullet-shaped ends and leather floor mats, and the use of anodizedaluminium dressed with clear torx fixings and swage lines in the transmission tunnel of the car.

The Aviator Collection cars exhibit the perfect blend of excellence in engineering and special combination of theatre and jewellery.The British luxury automaker has been reported to manufacture just 35 units of the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition. Although the company is yet to announce the price tag of the Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Aviator Edition, but we can certainly expect that the price tag just can’t restrict the buyers and lovers of the brand from opting this special edition car.

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