Sebastian Vettel made the new Director of Performance by Infiniti

Infinity has announced its Infiniti Red Bull racing driver and three times Formula One world champion, Sebastian Vettel as the Director of Performance for the brand. The latest announcement will enhance and strengthen Vettel’s relationship with Infiniti, which started back in 2011. In his current position, Vettel has already helped Infiniti in developing various vehicles including Infiniti FX Vettel Edition and the new addition to the line-up all new Infiniti Q50.

Vettel has played a crucial role in the development of the new Infiniti Q50 since its earlier stages. He has also spent his time with the Infiniti engineers in Japan providing them with his knowledge about chassis dynamics, handling and performance. He was also involved in testing earlier models along with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Test and the reserve driver Buemi in Japan, at the Formula One pre-season test at the Spanish Circuit de Catalunya and around the Nurburgring in Germany.

Sebastian Vettel Named Infiniti Director
Being title and the performance partner in the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team, Infiniti is strengthening its technical relation with the team as 2013 Formula One season has started. The announcement is also seen as an indication that Vettel will be involved in the production of more upcoming Infiniti vehicles.

Vettel said that he is very happy to extend his relationship with the Infiniti by becoming its Director of Performance. He further said that helping in development of Q50 was a different task and he took the same approach as he take in a Formula One car. He also added that he is looking forward towards making more road cars with Infinity in future.

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