Expected Launches for April 2013

April is the start of new financial year, so we hope a lot of good things to come in this New Year, while cool sorts of automobiles are also not an exception. Thus, we have been doing this listing for every month of this year, and it seems that most of our speculations are falling right into the place except some of the fallacy, which is just to all the media house.

As we had said April maybe loaded with lots of goodies and fun, there lies a whopping number of metals in the pipeline to entice our fraternity and mentioned below are their model plates tagging. Looking at them, it is concluded, many of them consists facelifts whilst of one major launch, that was very important to India automotive horizon. Read down to discover them more at a glance:

1. BMW 7 Series Facelift:

BMW 7 Series was in same avatar for a quite long time and to get tweaked was its need of the hour. Bavarian had listened to its wishes and had planned to roll out facelift version in this month. Need to confirm, 7 Series Facelift had already seen the unveiling ceremony last month in Jaipur which was attended by various famous personality and riches to mark the luxurious presence, and now only the launching part is left where prices and specifications will be announced. That we expect to follow this month only, as there lies a full whole year to cash on the flagship badge in fraternity. Meanwhile, the updated version is already launched in Malaysia and we expect that same roll-out to land here as well.

BMW 7 Series Facelift

2. Hyundai Santa Fe Facelift:

Updated Santa Fe was the big hope for Hyundai to make something big on Indian soil but maybe due to some rumors it is said, it got delayed by a year or so, though we did not take those things into account and expects it to launch by this month’s ends or somewhere very nearby. It was also seem doing test rounds in on Indian tarmac. And if going as per the rumor mills, it says, due to the heavy taxations or so carmaker had postponed its decision to roll out in this month. Contradicting on our take, we speculate, the next year tenure will be full of compact SUV and such small sorts, so they are leaving no gaps for biggies to grasp in the middle, while the powerful compact will also rage in everything from masses to niche, just like the hatchbacks had did to our market when it was launched. The BMW facelift was also launched nearly and Audi Q3 petrol had tempted in that same duration, making a very small crevice to crave in between the price band of Rs. 20-25 lakh, and of course those niches also know how to dirty their hands in dirt as well, must say a strong striding competition ahead.

Hyundai Santa Fe Facelift

3. Mercedes Benz E Class Facelift:

Mercedes E Class was almost in the rivaling range with BMW 7 Series and so this German will also accompany the other German neighbor in its footsteps, and as an outcome the E Class facelift will soon take off this month, as expected. There are various spy shots appeared on the internet but no clear cut piece information on its exact launch date. We applied this badging in this month’s list because; the 7 Series facelift may spark off the fire in Mercedes to launch its updates as soon as possible for gaining a better pie of the market. It will be cosmetic change rather than technical ones, so no more thrills on the driving part but a market fresh look is guarantees with along with the bad habit of ‘staring’.

Mercedes Benz E Class Facelift

4. Chevrolet Beat Facelift:

Chevy is a complete American but it has those strong guts what it takes to enter deep in any of the international auto fraternity, this may be due to a large number of variations in US itself. Though whatever it may be, we are not here to discuss that but it is to inform, Chevrolet Beat which had been the success mark of this carmaker in the ‘mass’ segment where many of them fails, will receive an award for the same in form of facelift. It is slated to launch in this month, seems that Chevrolet needs some hard cashing point to cover losses from the unsuccessful launch of Sail U-VA hatchback. It is better to do some “great” with Beat, otherwise those deep engraved market foothold will also be loosen by the passing time.

Chevrolet Beat Facelift

5. Honda Amaze:

Honda Amaze is the only metal that had been standing alone on this list, as because it is the one that had been a complete new and yet fresh piece of metal work, while rest of them are the reworked version of existing models. As everybody knows, Amaze is the stretched version of hatchback Brio, and the new thing that is going to happen with this entry level sedan is Honda’s debut of diesel engine on Indian shores. It was the most awaited jag for India and expectation of it doing well had taken an extra notch. As per Arai, new Japanese oil burner called as i-DTEC will yield fuel efficiency of 25.8 kmpl at its best, which might Maruti and others will envy. It will be interesting to see whether Fiat’s Multijet is going to face the heat or not, we think so ‘Yes’, now what’s your take!

Honda Amaze


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