Suzuki Doorstep Sales & Service Program Introduced For Bike & Scooters In India

Suzuki Doorstep Sales & Service Program Introduced For Bike Scooters In India

Due to COVID – 19 government has asked people to maintain social distancing and many automobile manufacturers are coming with new innovative ideas to attract customers and boost sales.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. (SMIPL) has introduced a new doorstep sales and service platform for its entire range of scooters and motorcycle in the country.

The new platform will ensure to meet the customer demand, during and post COVID-19 lockdown. Suzuki is offering its customers to purchase a new vehicle, choose to take test rides at the comfort of their homes, and existing customers can opt for after-sales service as well. Buyer and customers looking to avail of any of the services can visit the company’s official website.

The website has been seamlessly integrated to offer all the afore-mentioned services by the company. Alternatively, customers can also book the Suzuki two-wheeler product through a toll-free number. They also have an option to get the call connected to the nearest dealership in case the customer wants to visit the dealership.

The company claims that the platform offers a smooth and hassle-free buying experience. It is a simplified 5-step process where a customer will first choose the product, followed by the desired colour, then choosing the nearest dealership, mode of payment, and the final step choosing the date and time for delivery.

The Suzuki at your doorstep program will be supported by dealerships over 112 cities across the country. Customers can book a scooter or a motorcycle of their choice by paying the booking amount and full payment of the ex-showroom price.

The payment will be received by the company via an online gateway and a detailed invoice will be shared with the customer and respective dealer. The new program will also shortly offer easy online financing on the online purchase of any vehicle.

In addition to this, the company will also carry out proper sanitization of test-rides vehicles to ensure everyone’s safety and limit human contact.

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