Suzuki Baleno Scores 0 In Crash Test | Latin-NCAP

Suzuki Baleno Scores 0 In Crash Test | Latin-NCAP

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno scored a protection rating of  Zero in the Latin-NCAP crash test. The car used for the test was an Indian manufactured Baleno, with 2 Airbags, Belt pretensioner and belt load limiter for the front passenger protection and no safety protection equipment for the rear passengers.

The detailed crash test report from the Latin NCAP, suggested that the Baleno performed poorly in response to a whiplash resulting in neck injuries. The Baleno was able to provide adequate protection to the head and lower body in case of a front collision. 

With this news, by no means are we discouraging buyers from buying Suzuki products, but simply making  drivers and users more aware of the cars they drive. The Auto Industry continuously strives to make its vehicles safer, day by day but with the Baleno performing such poorly in the crash tests in 2021, we would like to comment that Maruti Suzuki must definitely work and improve the safety of their vehicles, as buyers look out for safety for themselves and their loved ones while making a car purchase. 

There’s no price that can quantify  damage or  loss to a human life and with India always ranking high in respect to road accident related deaths. Maruti Suzuki should up their game in safety even if it means a rise in production cost of their vehicles.They should educate their customers about costs involved in making cars safer with better and expensive materials.

Similarly, buyers need to understand this and demand for a safer vehicle from the brand, even if it costs them a premium than before.

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