Suzuki planning entry-level convertible?

Convertible always seems to be the dream for many of the aspiring car buyers, but it is there only for few who can afford it and would use it rightly. Though, it may sound impossible for many when they will know that Suzuki is planning an entry level convertible in its backend. But there lies lots of possibility for it to come into reality, says a report. The Cappuccino, a tiny mid-engined two-seater that was sold in Japan and in select European countries throughout the 1990s may lend some of its cues to the upcoming topless Japanese bug.

Platform of the ‘in-works Suzuki roadster’ may take the platform from that of its existing hardened roof models, which means aerodynamics not stretching more than 133 inches in length, 58 inches in width and 78 inches in height, to comply with Japanese and several countries’ law. The car will expectedly take the form of a sleek roadster that will use a sporty and aggressive design to camouflage its economy car roots.

When comes talks of the technicalities, we expect the turbocharged variant of the water-cooled 660cc three-cylinder engine to be there in its bay that presently powers all of Suzuki’s kei cars in dense.

Suzuki planning entry-level convertible?
Recently, Suzuki has also agreed to provide Caterham three cylinders for powering its upcoming small bugs, the same can also lend fine sort of tuning to the upcoming roadster of Suzuki.

This sort of small car may give in a boost to the sales of Japanese carmaker in the European countries, but the official words are yet to come on this point for making affirmation of the same.

Though, whatever the scenario may exist there in the backend of carmaker, we had a question drooling in our head that, in 2012 Delhi Auto Expo the organization had showcased its beautiful chic looking ‘A-Star’. So what’s the talk going about in the official circle of carmaker regarding it. We hope it may also prove some of the better numbers in countries wherever it will be launched.

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