Rolls-Royce Ghost Mysore Collection Launched In Abu Dhabi

Need to hear the roar in a sound-proof cabin of Rolls-Royce; the company has launched a limited edition long-wheelbase Ghost that lets you feel the roar while sitting on its sumptuous interiors. Reportedly, they have named the car as Mysore Edition, and exclusively launched for the Arabs of Abu Dhabi. Just three units are said to be produced by the bespoke department of Rolls-Royce, where the price still remains under cover. To brief about the name, Mysore is a sultanate of the 18th century Indian ruler Tipu Sultan, which has now transformed into a city and falls under the jurisdiction of the Indian democracy. In Arabic, the Mysore is also referred as wealth and power, which obviously the riches possess in abundance; it’s just that now they will be showing more of it with this special edition Rolls-Royce: that’s where the brand wants to make a connection.

Hence, on the cosmetic side five spoke alloy wheels, hand painted coach line and a peacock emblem takes on the exterior. Adding more effect is the golden Ghost of Ecstasy standing tall on the front grille. Moving inside, Mysore edition plates on the door sill say about the exclusivity and at the same time also greet the owner for a special experience. The headrests with embroidered tigers’ face, and the wood trims keeps that special excitement floated upto the level. A peacock branded padding can be witnessed if the armrest if pulled from the mid-rear passenger seat.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Mysore Collection Launched In Abu Dhabi

Well, not a word on the amendments in carried out in engine bay. So, expectedly it will be doing the job with the existing engine option.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Teased: Headed for Geneva

Rolls Royce, BMW Group owned British luxury vehicle manufacturing company has released a teaser image of the all-new Ghost. The new model will be called Ghost Series II and will be introduced at Geneva Motor Show next week and will symbolize the first major update for the vehicle its reveal back in 2009.

Rolls Royce is not a brand, which replaces its cars with great frequency. It expands its lineup, sure: what started with just Phantom sedan has since grown to include coupes, convertibles and extended wheelbase models, not to mention the addition of Ghost, followed by Wraith fastback and Ghost EWB. What Rolls does to keep its models fresh, however, is spruce them up with a Series II.

The arrival of Rolls Royce Ghost Series II at 2014 Geneva Motor Show would put it significantly ahead of schedule for when the automaker updated the Phantom. The Phantom was introduced in 2003 and was followed by Series II in 2012, giving the original a 9-year run virtually unchanged. Nevertheless, the Ghost only reached production in 2010, so introducing a Series II now would shorten that lifecycle to just 4 years. Powering the Ghost Series II will be a 6.6 liter twin turbocharged V12 powerplant which should carryover; however it could receive some modifications for reduced fuel consumption and enhanced performance.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Teased

Still, if BMW deemed now as the time to give the Ghost some updated features and a mild redesign, who are we to argue. So stay tuned for more updates on Rolls Royce Ghost Series II.

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Spec Edition Announced with 601 Horsepower

Rolls-Royce announced a performance oriented Ghost V-Spec edition with 601hp being delivered from that existing 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

Ghost V-Spec edition is announced only for a German Rolls-Royce dealer.

Other changes that are meant to be replicated from the “V series Rolls-Royce” (on outside) are 21-inch alloys, V-spec Sapphire Black paint job and couple of chromed exhaust tips.

Inside jobs done by the luxury British carmaker are consisted of panoramic sunroof, V-spec logoed (embroidered) rear armrest, contrast black stitching running across silver leather seats, Piano black trim on dashboard and door panels, and uniquely designed clock to mark the exclusivity.

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Spec Front

Based on the BMW 7-Series platform, the Ghost V-Spec is priced at €330,820 ($450,000) and is also meant to be sold in Germany.

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Spec Interior

As an informative bit, the existing Rolls-Royce Ghost produces 571hp, which now is notched by more 30hp for the power-oriented German riches.

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Spec Back View

Rolls Royce Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird Edition revealed

All Rolls Royce Ghost limited editions look almost similar to each other. Experienced the ‘Firnas’ collection in the recent past exclusively made for the handful of owners in Dubai, now the latest one from the stable of British carmaker is the “Rolls Royce Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird Edition”.

This car is built on the LWB (longer wheelbase) version of Ghost. And it takes inspiration from the Chinese artifact named the Golden Sun Bird, which belongs to late the Shang Dynasty and was discovered in 2001 in Chengdu city.

Mostly reclining to its other exclusive sibling, the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird Edition dwells the golden motif running from the bonnet to the roof and then continuing to the boot-lid. Coach-line also marks this exclusive move of the brand with a golden strip tripping the car from front to back with an exclusive emblem preaching the motif in brief. One too can witness the circular Golden Sunbird inside the cabin of car at numerous places. It may also be possible that some of the golden bling on this car may have apprehended the original gold to add a blistering touch for the exclusivity. Less of doubts, the Ghost of Ecstasy on the bonnet of Rolls Royce Golden Sunbird Edition surely looks to have been carved out of pure gold.

Rolls Royce Golden Sunbird Edition

Hope so it isn’t a trivia that this car is meant to be headed towards China. We also learnt that the LWB Ghost Golden Sunbird Edition is made on a special request of a Chinese customer, and as it is manufactured for a special request there no other car meant to be made the carmaker under this context. Hence, it is a one of its kind in itself!

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Extended Wheelbase Art Deco Edition of Rolls Royce Ghost Revealed in Hong Kong

Rolls Royce is the very exclusive brand in automotive fraternity, as everyone knows, but to prove itself more on that part this British carmaker had revealed extended wheelbase Art Deco Edition of Ghost that too in Hong Kong, an Asian country in actual; must say the automaker really seems crazy about this continent.

It is said that, only 35 pieces will made in the world under this avatar, and would be as unique as the fingerprints of their proud owners. Naming some of the exquisites, illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, powdered blue paint job and a contrasting coach line are the ones which came running to us at forefront. On inside, Art Deco embroidered headrest, blue seat piping and piano black piping with special inlays settles down well under white and black interiors.

Rolls-Royce Ghost
Commenting on this niche limited offering, Samuel Sun, General Manager of Rolls Royce Motor Cars Hong Kong said, “Only Rolls-Royce’s unrivalled craftsmanship and Bespoke program can provide the level of personalization that make the cars as unique as their owners fingerprints.”

New Rolls-Royce Ghost

He also added that metals like “Year of the dragon Collection” had received massive response in Hong Kong, and had compelled us to make more of the Limited Edition cars; this one is just another derivation of such an outcome.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2013

Remarkable automobiles at 2013 Mumbai International Motor Show

Mumbai Motor Show had covered all the aspects of fraternity on a beautiful red carpet tinted with glamour and prestige. It is very difficult to say that which one was the best, though all of them had equally charmed with their beautiful lines, interiors, exasperating front fascia, eye popping tail lamps etc. However, after a long brainstorming session we had came with the list of prominent beauties which are still throttling on our mindset.

1. Hyundai Veloster

Veloster had topped the list because of its unique segmentation in the whole cluster. This long hatchback was draped in yellow paint job with its sumptuous length of more than four meter making it to tease everybody with the whole glory. Everything including from front grille to the tail lamp was given a full attention. It is very much unclear for this one to reach our shores officially, as the high imposition of duties on cars with more than 4 metres length proves as strong barrier. Even though if someone is thinking of getting a Hyundai Veloster here, then he had to shell out more than 2 million INR for such a thing.  This much of costing figures had broken the backbone of carmakers to see through this segment and hence we are unable to see the VW Scirocco with many others.

Hyundai Veloster

2. Whole MINI Range

Minis are some of the remarkable entrants which had made entry in Indian after a long vying era. We all must thank BMW for rolling these miniatures on our crispy tarmacs. Though they are very small in size but can do a lot of wonders which might some bigger machines can’t do. Mini convertible, Mini S and Mini Countryman were standing in a row on the very first podium just next to entrance showering visitors with their undisputed glam.

Min Cooper S

3. Audi TT Coupe

TT series of Audi is all time remarkable whenever it rolls down the road with its vying sports spirit. Not just in Coupe but TT is also known for its luxurious convertible cabins. This coupe was looking much sleek and sharp under the red sheet of plume with shinning four ringed badge marked on its forehead.

Audi TT

4. Rolls Royce Ghost

As of now, almost every Indian can rectify the moniker of Rolls Royce even though it is rarely seen on our daily commute. Ghost took the effort to splurge with its heavy metal looks at the carpet of event. It was stunningly shining with the metallic grey covershield.

Rolls Royce Ghost

5. BMW Motorrad G 650 GS

We had already seen the elder sibling of G 650 GS but this one had rolled down quite some time back to target the masses of niche biking segment. In spite of being shorter in the cubic capacity, it looks more similar to bigger ones. It can usurp everything with ease just like the whole family had done for us.

BMW Motorrad G 650 GS

6. Mahindra Thar

Thar is one of our favorite vehicles because it provides off roading seriousness at such a low cost. One can save a lot on pocket with Thar being taken on expedition as compared to other rugged mean machines. The new Generations 4×4 are getting uploaded with numerous temperaments to tackle every type of dirt and sludge. This off roader was standing amidst the same crumbling gravels even on the highly finished Mahindra platform to announce its dignity even more clearly.

Mahindra Thar

Buyers Guide for Rolls Royce

The RR etched right above the grille and the Spirit of Ecstasy mounted just above that. This is trademark style of every Rolls Royce vehicle. Rolls Royce- bus naam hi kaafi hai. But seriously when we talk about Rolls Royce what matters is the name and nothing else. All this has been possible because of the combined efforts of the company and its extremely talented engineers and designers.  This company has graced our market with three of the models. The latest of the lot is the Rolls Royce Ghost. The price range for the Rolls Royce products varies from the Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crores in India. But at such prices you are sure to get the exceptional feel and the top class luxury which each of its vehicle delivers. So, today let’s taste the ultimate luxury of Rolls Royce top class vehicles.

Rolls Royce Phantom

I’ll be lying to you if I said this car is not that great as much as it promises to be, because then I’ll be just consoling myself. Did I just hear a touch of pun here? Obviously I did. By far I have been one of those luckiest people who got a chance to lay their hands on this car without even having a single penny in my pocket (that’s just a way of saying it). This car is really great in terms of looks and performance. I like the way one of my friend quoted it that this is not a car it is an automobile. By featuring the state of the art techniques inside this car it’s just like one of the flashy multiplexes. I know its all gibberish whatever I’m speaking but that’s all what I can manage when I speak about this automobile. I just remember the old saying that “when the phantom drives, the city quakes”.

Engine Options:

6 speed automatic

453 Bhp @5350 rpm

74 Kgm @3500 rpm

Thumbs Up:
Performance, space, handling and comfort features

Thumbs Down:
Cost you a fortune

Head on Competitors:
Bentley Mulsanne

The Catch:
Rs 3.45 crores to Rs 4.18 crores.

Rolls Royce Ghost

So how does the name “ghost” appear to you, nah how can it appear to you when it is a ghost. Leaving my lameness aside, this car is worth that name in all ways. The looks of this car is simply amazing. Just by looking at it you can sense the luxury, imagine what it will be like when you will sit inside the cabin. This car is an engineering masterpiece. Unlike the Rolls Royce Phantom, Ghost is an everyday use (wait) luxury car. This car is available in only a single engine option which is a 6598cc V12 engine. This engine undoubtedly works awesomely (because awesome is still a small word for it). I know all this is expected out of this car because it does cost you some pennies, but then trust me you would just be penny wise pound foolish if you really don’t think that this car is amazing.

Engine Options:

8 speed automatic

560Bhp @6250 rpm

79.8 Kgm @1500 rpm

Thumbs Up:
Performance, handling and comfort features

Thumbs Down:

Head on Competitors:
Bentley Flying Spur Speed, Porsche Panamera Turbo

The Catch:
Rs 2.45 crores to Rs 3.11 crores.

Rolls Royce Ghost launched in India

It is a known fact that Rolls Royce cars don’t need any introduction. When you have something which looks and feels like from the age of your great grand fathers, then it would be forever etched into memory. Rolls Royce builds mammoth like cars and the least one would expect from them is to corner. Well, this comment wouldn’t have come into place had one driven a Rolls Royce Ghost. This Ghost is touted as one of the driver’s car in the Rolls Royce stables.

As it is, from the outside, the car looks just like any other Rolls would. The keen eyed would notice the extra length missing. It is still big at 5.4 meters. From the time, BMW have taken over this company, they have been using the BMW 7 series chassis and some of the advanced electronic systems. The steering has its basic stalk and gear from the BMW 7 series one but has been fashioned in the traditional Rolls Royce style. The dials look like from the old age. It has got a 6.6 liter twin turbo V12 engine which has been aligned with an eight speed auto box.

Porky this car may be, but its no slouch in the performance department. It races from 0-100 kmph in only 6 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 230 kmph. The interior features aren’t compromised with the sporty tag attached to it. One does get all those chrome, wood and then some dyed leather made from bull hide. There is enough space for three to be seated in luxury. The doors still open in a suicide fashion and close with the help of a button. The ride quality is good however at low speeds it does let the occupants know what is going on beneath the surface. However owners who have the Mercedes S class wouldn’t feel much of a difference between the interior space between the two. Front seat passengers have got a lot of travel however for the rear ones, it somehow feels restricted.

Rear seat passengers also have been given priority here and they can handle the entertainment and aircon controls themselves. The rear pillars are so designed to give the occupants privacy. It is also customizable to a customer’s preferences. Just that, it would add as an extra to the Rs 2.5 crores price tag that the car sports.