Rolls-Royce Ghost Mysore Collection Launched In Abu Dhabi

Need to hear the roar in a sound-proof cabin of Rolls-Royce; the company has launched a limited edition long-wheelbase Ghost that lets you feel the roar while sitting on its sumptuous interiors. Reportedly, they have named the car as Mysore Edition, and exclusively launched for the Arabs of Abu Dhabi. Just three units are said to be produced by the bespoke department of Rolls-Royce, where the price still remains under cover. To brief about the name, Mysore is a sultanate of the 18th century Indian ruler Tipu Sultan, which has now transformed into a city and falls under the jurisdiction of the Indian democracy. In Arabic, the Mysore is also referred as wealth and power, which obviously the riches possess in abundance; it’s just that now they will be showing more of it with this special edition Rolls-Royce: that’s where the brand wants to make a connection.

Hence, on the cosmetic side five spoke alloy wheels, hand painted coach line and a peacock emblem takes on the exterior. Adding more effect is the golden Ghost of Ecstasy standing tall on the front grille. Moving inside, Mysore edition plates on the door sill say about the exclusivity and at the same time also greet the owner for a special experience. The headrests with embroidered tigers’ face, and the wood trims keeps that special excitement floated upto the level. A peacock branded padding can be witnessed if the armrest if pulled from the mid-rear passenger seat.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Mysore Collection Launched In Abu Dhabi

Well, not a word on the amendments in carried out in engine bay. So, expectedly it will be doing the job with the existing engine option.

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