Rolls Royce Ghost launched in India

It is a known fact that Rolls Royce cars don’t need any introduction. When you have something which looks and feels like from the age of your great grand fathers, then it would be forever etched into memory. Rolls Royce builds mammoth like cars and the least one would expect from them is to corner. Well, this comment wouldn’t have come into place had one driven a Rolls Royce Ghost. This Ghost is touted as one of the driver’s car in the Rolls Royce stables.

As it is, from the outside, the car looks just like any other Rolls would. The keen eyed would notice the extra length missing. It is still big at 5.4 meters. From the time, BMW have taken over this company, they have been using the BMW 7 series chassis and some of the advanced electronic systems. The steering has its basic stalk and gear from the BMW 7 series one but has been fashioned in the traditional Rolls Royce style. The dials look like from the old age. It has got a 6.6 liter twin turbo V12 engine which has been aligned with an eight speed auto box.

Porky this car may be, but its no slouch in the performance department. It races from 0-100 kmph in only 6 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 230 kmph. The interior features aren’t compromised with the sporty tag attached to it. One does get all those chrome, wood and then some dyed leather made from bull hide. There is enough space for three to be seated in luxury. The doors still open in a suicide fashion and close with the help of a button. The ride quality is good however at low speeds it does let the occupants know what is going on beneath the surface. However owners who have the Mercedes S class wouldn’t feel much of a difference between the interior space between the two. Front seat passengers have got a lot of travel however for the rear ones, it somehow feels restricted.

Rear seat passengers also have been given priority here and they can handle the entertainment and aircon controls themselves. The rear pillars are so designed to give the occupants privacy. It is also customizable to a customer’s preferences. Just that, it would add as an extra to the Rs 2.5 crores price tag that the car sports.

2 thoughts on “Rolls Royce Ghost launched in India

  1. Hahahaha…. what a name “GHOST”. I wonder what qualities of a ghost does this car posses or will posses?
    It’s quite good to know that this car uses the same chasis as in BMW 7 series. Now we know why there’s so much of expectation from this car. Those 6.6 litre twin turbo engine as you pointed out and the eight speed auto box definitely make sit driver friendly. And the catch is its speed… “It races from 0-100 kmph in only 6 seconds” are you kidding me, at first when I saw the car I thought the same old fashioned turtle speed car but then this line you wrote in your blog. I’ll ask it again are you kidding me?

  2. I think you are not aware what a Rolls Royce car is. Any model of Rolls Royce is not with Turtle speed. In fact their slowest car at present will do 0-100 Kmph in less than 6 sec. And the Ghost will do 0-100 Kmph in 4.9 sec.

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