Tata Elxsi collaborates on Tata Motors ‘DesignNext Strategy’, showcased at the 12th Auto Expo, 2014

At the recently concluded 12th Auto Expo, 2014, Tata Elxsi – India’s leading design company, provided significant visual design assistance to Tata Motors to help articulate the Tata Motors ‘DesignNext’ strategy unveiled at the expo. Working closely with the Tata Motors design team, Tata Elxsi’s work included graphics and decals on the commercial vehicle exhibits as well as visual animated content as part of the brand strategy articulation. The visuals contributed to the world-class image of the vehicles while reinforcing the promise of enhanced productivity as a function of design.

The design challenge laid out by Tata Motors for Tata Elxsi was to accurately reflect the unique brand identity and distinctive positioning for each of these vehicles. To state an example, the Ace Zip – a smart micro truck from Tata Motors, for last mile transport needs, had to look cool and quick, while the mighty, Prima Truck needed to look bold, tough and powerful. Working to the directions from the Tata Motors design team, customized visual identities aligned with the ‘DesignNext’ strategy were developed that were fresh, original and consistent. Product films were also prepared to effectively showcase product features. Content was delivered for the Ace Zip, the Magic Iris, the Articulated City Bus, the Parallel Hybrid Bus, the Ultra Narrow Cab and the Prima truck.

Tata Elxsi collaborates on Tata Motors 'DesignNext Strategy' showcased at the 12th Auto Expo 2014
The output from Tata Elxsi successfully supported brand identity and distinction for each of the vehicles. The graphics and animation garnered very positive feedback from visitors and attendees at the Auto Expo 2014, as well as from the Tata Motors team.

Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions. A part of the $ 100 billion Tata group, Tata Elxsi addresses the communications, consumer products, defence, healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductor and transportation sectors. This is supported by a network of design studios, development centers and offices worldwide. Key services include embedded product design, industrial design, animation & visual effects and systems integration. Tata Elxsi is a listed company, and headquartered in Bangalore, India.

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