Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails soon in Lonavala

Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, a half-day off-roading occasion from Tata Motors Full Throttle, will take place in Lonavala on the coming Sunday (October 7th, 2012).

Tata Motors Full Throttle, the motorsport section of the company, recently introduced Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails, a sequence of half-day off-roading trials for possessors of Tata Motors sport utility vehicles.

As Tata stated, with the next trail planned to happen in Lonavala, Tata Motors Full Throttle will present partakers a chance to take a small break from hectic everyday driving and discover off-roading in their preferred Tata sport utility vehicles.

Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails soon in Lonavala

The Lonavala trail is likely to obtain partaking from more than 40 Tata Motors sport utility vehicle possessors.

Maneuvering via tricky surfaces such as muddy beds, hills, rough courses, sand beds and many more, players will have to finish out the track within a predetermined time, to meet the criteria as finishers.

Cougar Motor sports is the programme associate, for designing and implementation of Tata Motors Full Throttle Trails.

While talking on the occasion, Mr. Ashesh Dhar, head, utility vehicles, Tata Motors, stated that with off-roading earning fame, and owing to the lack of off-roading pathways, Full Throttle Trails will offer buffs a chance not only to experience the excitement, roughness and robustness of their Tata Motors sport utility vehicle’s, but will also familiarize them with a number of grave off-road driving proficiencies, in a projected and secure way.

In addition, Full Throttle Trails also provides clients a speedy weekend getaway in the closeness of their personal cities.

To be included in these bold off-roading actions, buffs can mail Tata Motors attrails@tatamotorsfullthrottle.com or can visit http://www.tatamotorsfullthrottle.com/.

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