Tata Nano CNG Spotted Testing in Pune Again

Recently revealed at the unleashing ceremony of “Tata Motors Horizonext”, Nano CNG is now spotted testing in Pune again. Though at the ceremony it was learnt that new Nano will be rolled out to public after the next 70 days along with CNG Indigo eCS, CNG Indica eV2, as all of them will be termed under the caption of ‘e max’ when being launched. But still now there aren’t any speculations seems coming onto our way for the near future. Moreover, the testing of this car again had also notched our worries to an additional extent.

Looking at the spy images it was revealed, new Nano is wearing CNG badge at the rear, but the branding badge of “e max” which was there on the display model was found missing on this one. However, it is a strange sight to miss that particular tag on the production specific, but we expect there are more of the testing remained to be done on the car which sounds very important for carmaker to conclude before the launch.

Already holding a 625cc petrol engine in its bay, Nano CNG swiftly houses the CNG cylinder under the rear seat leaving ample of space to customer on front as well as rear. While reviewing the “Horizonext” display model, Tata Motors had planted a switch on the board that toggles the vehicle between petrol and CNG fuel mode.

Tata Nano CNG Spotted Testing
The magnificent fuel economy figures and the efficient pricing will make Nano a winner on all the aspect, but the numbers will be limited to a particular set of audience because of the availability of CNG being restricted to metro cities only, no towns and other respective plethora included.

Tata Nano CNG Spotted Testing in Pune

Image Courtesy: Anything on Wheels.

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