Tata Nano to receive an upgrade soon

The world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano is rumored to get a 5 speed gear box, power steering, adjustable front seats and also a rear tail gate very soon. One of our reporters actually saw a test car running with the aforementioned modifications. The modifications refer to the tail gate unit. When asked, the driver of the vehicle replied that it is going to be launched within a month or two. The reporter sighted the 5 speed gear box. Going by our earlier reports, the Tata Nano would also have a diesel powerplant and an automatic option also.

It is obvious that the company would price this car 7-10 percent higher than the top end Nano variant currently selling. The diesel power plant is also rumored to be the world’s smallest common rail direction injection unit. This is sure to make the Tata Nano more upmarket and with the added safety, maintenance features, an affordable option for those looking for low cost motoring.

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