Tata Truck Racing Ready to Take-Off on March 23, 2014

Car Racing, is been grimed with lot fanfare in India after the inauguration of BIC at Delhi. In fact, BIC doesn’t seems to be limited to that, it is now grown to see the races of articles bigger than a bull and almost near to an elephant. Need not to worry, they will not be the animals who are going to race on the racetrack, instead the Tata Motors has came up with an initiative to race its truck on the said.

Hope so, all Indians maybe well-versed with the facts of Tata Motors truck racing due to exorbitant TVC flashing on the television set on every channel. So the difference in this report is to mention that, the Indian automaker will race its 12 Prima Trucks on a newly created 2.1km ‘short loop’ at the circuit. Hopefully, this new loop, we speculate, has been created specifically for the Tata Trucks to unleash their whole power. Restrictions like top speed of 110kmph is also been reported for the drivers to take care of. The recently added new short dimension to BIC recurs an average time of 2 minutes, 10 seconds whereas the average speed for the giants will be 60kmph.

Tata Prima T1 Truck Championship
In order, Tata Motors has also did several changes to the Prima Trucks for racing, which will be incorporated in the form of a smaller fuel tank calibrating 90-litre fuels place just behind the driver’s cabin, water-cooled brakes and racing-spec tubeless tyres by JK Tyres. A roll cage, fire extinguisher and race-spec seats bare-bones seat aare some of the tweaks amongst others.

Tata Motors has reported to test its new advanced technology too apart from advertising its world-class Prima Trucks too at the track.

Tata Truck racing will be held on March 23, 2014 at the Buddh International Circuit. The seven tonne giants will be piloted by a the selected international truck racing drivers, who have an experience on British Truck Racing Championship and European Truck Racing Championship grids.

Truck Racing Championship

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