TATA working on an electric car below 20K USD

The partnership of Tata group with France’s DassaultSystemes seems quite appealing for taking the company’s diversified reputation in the automobile segment a step ahead. The partnership is likely to bring with an electric car worth less than $20,000, i.e. slightly above 11 lakh INR at the current exchange rate.

In fact, Kevin Fisher, Tata Technologies’ Vehicle Programs and Development Group President, has been spotted quoting that the Tata Technologies and DassaultSystemes’s co-working will certainly influence the engineering brains across the globe so as to fulfill the design, cost and user experience constraints, while inducing a price tag of around 20,000 USD. Although the statement by Fisher alone was enough to stimulate the hormones of car lovers, but the statement didn’t mention anything about the anticipated date or quarter of the year when the car might be launched, or even the investment details of the company for the car.

TATA working on an electric car below 20K USD

As per reports of progress from different departments of the company, DassaultSystemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has helped the Tata Technologies to finish the feasibility study of the upcoming car. As per company officials, the platform has certainly proved to be a handy support for carrying out feasibility study for Tata Technologies, as the company completed its first electric Mobility (eMO) study demonstrating the feasibility of developing an electric car, that too at an attractive price. The company added that the constraint they had to deal with at the first place was the inclusion of all the vehicle systems, while maintaining considerable seating space for four adults. The eMO is referred to as a global move that required efforts and collaborations amongst over 300 Tata Technologies engineers across the globe (including India, the US and Europe).

Moreover, it has been reported that the Tata Technologies preferred exploiting the powerful capabilities within CATIA and ENOVIA applications so as to develop quick studies in various features. This allowed perfect global collaboration for rapid evaluation and convergence on optimal and feasible solutions to the problems.

On the other hand, as far asDassaultSystemesis concerned, they too have been found to be optimistic about the partnership and projections of successful results. As per Monica Menghini’s (DassaultSystemes Executive Vice President (Industry)) statement, Tata Technologies have been tagged as a key business partner, with which the French company can undertake innovative and optimistic projects. The use of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has given the perfect blend of both, as it took over the criticality in collaboration with OEM for accelerated development cycles.

If the project finally hits the showrooms, it would be one of its kind and provide a grand success to the collaboration.Hence we can expect that there are many more surprises on the cards. Moreover, Tata Motors had already announced that it was developing an electric version of the Indica hatchback with a Norwegian company for its launch in Britain, Norway and Denmark in 2011. However, the launch hasn’t taken place yet.We must not lose our hopes for the Indica and the upcoming car as well.

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