Largest ever parade of Ferrari coming up in September

Setting a benchmark in the industry is something that Ferrari has been doing since ages and now imagine how a Ferrari enthusiast sitting in the stadium and waiting for 1000 Ferraris to set rolling. This is something that we shall term as truly extravagant and a spectacle. Ferrari has been breaking its own records by rolling hundreds of cars at once. It all started in 2007 when 385 Ferrari owners across North Europe assembled at the Silverstone Circuit to showcase their beauties and take part in a record that had never been set before.

Maranello is said to be the hub birth place of all the Ferraris across the world and now this is something that would pull herds of Ferrari enthusiasts to the Silverstone Circuit on 12th September this year when Ferrari attempts to break its own record for most number of its knight horses participating in a parade at a time. The record that was set in 2007 could not sustain for long as 490 Ferrari Supercars rolled in a parade held at Fuji Speedway Circuit in Shizuoka, Japan. This record came straight a year ahead of the first one in 2008. This bothered the owners of Ferraris in Northern Europe and thus once again they decided to assemble to break the record this year in February. The date finalized was 15th September which till date remains unchanged and it is being said that already 600 proud owners of the knight horses have registered themselves for the parade. The event will once again be taking place at the Silverstone Circuit, UK and hopes to attract thousands of fans. There are high chances that this score goes up in the upcoming months and there are many more Ferrari owners based across Northern Europe who are still considering their schedules in order to become a part of this extravaganza. Ferrari representatives have claimed 600 registrations at the moment and have added that 400 slots are still vacant which hopefully would get responses in the coming weeks.

Setting a new Guinness World Record is not the only thing on the minds of Ferrari owners but there is a charity angle to it as well. BEN is the automobile industry’s own charity fund and £5 per car will go to the charity fund. Ferrari is looking forward to this event and has been encouraging more and more owners to show up with their cars in order to set the record straight. The event will be having almost all of the models that Ferrari has ever soled ever since it entered mainstream. From Enzo Ferraris to Ferrari 599GT to F430 Spyder, the event will have them all on one track. The Northern Europe is said to be having the most number of Ferrari owners and thus this is a record that will be coming over and over again owing to the fact that Ferrari now stands above all other supercar makers across the world and this is what makes them roll up their collars.

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