The fastest electric car, Nissan ZEOD, is set for Le Mans 24 hours

Nissan seems to be busy these days with the launch of its products both upgraded and completely new ones. Yet again, Nissan has brought out a record breaking car that will make its star appearance in the greatest Le Mans 24 hours, but next year. The car is called as Nissan ZEOD RC. This is an all electric car by Nissan and is been claimed to attain a speed of an astonishing 300 km per hour. This is around 185 miles per hour. Therefore, as if now, Nissan ZEOD RC Is termed as the fastest all electric vehicle out there.

Nissan, a company started in the year 1933 in Japan, is a manufacturer and a worldwide dealer of automobiles. As per the 2011 statistics, it was termed as the 6th biggest company. It has been a trendsetter when it comes to electric cars. Previously, it launched an all electric passenger car which was termed as Nissan Leaf. A winner at the Global Auto awards, it started the company’s venture into electric vehicles. The next to come was the Nissan Leaf RC (racing car). Now the latest venture and if the stats are right, then a ground breaking product, is Nissan ZEOD RC.

ZEOD RC sounds a pretty big and complicated term, doesn’t it? The terminology is rather simple when we elaborate it. It stands for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car. It basically is using a Lithium ion battery to power the vehicle. This was also seen its previous venture, Nissan Leaf. If you are wondering why it is called ZE on demand then here is the answer. The car has two driving options – petrol and electric. The driver gets the privilege to swap between the two modes and convert the fueled car into an all Electric Car while it is on the drive. This is been taken as the future of automobiles to get on the road.

Nissan Zeod Rc

Due to this innovative technology, the car has been invited to enter in the race through the spot referred to as “Garage 56” of Automobile Club De I’ Quest. This is the slot reserved for cars which challenge the normal trend and do something extra ordinary.

Nissan Zeod Rc Back ViewThe car will be seen racing in the next year’s Le Mans 24 hours. Prior to its launch, Nissan is planning to experiment with its engine and electric motor to get the optimum out of this effort. The progress on the car can be viewed at Nissan’s website on a regular basis. This is taken an act of publicity for its latest super car.

Nissan will slowly incorporate this slowly and gradually in all of its cars coming ahead.

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