Tips to Drive through the Floods and Water Logged Areas: Part 1

We all love playing in water that puddles during rainy season on roads, but then we start hating it when we become a grown up kid. It’s simple because the water logging cramps us to stay in our houses, not allows us to make much of the movement even for our basic needs. Well, rains and flood type situations are a part of our life, and nature’s too. One cannot do anything when the rain comes to its merciless nature. Everything becomes the slaves of its heavy downpour, and acts as per to the given order. No doubt, without rains nothing could exist on this planet, but what we can do to make things in time for getting over some critical conditions, when it falls utmost necessary to step out in this raining condition with a vehicle.

Well, many of us had learnt how to sort this type of situations with their past experiences but we hope still there are some clutches that needs to be seen properly when Driving the vehicle in water logged area and flood type situation.

First of all we would say, avoid this type of situations, make the things possible to let it sway without your permission, because stepping out in this scenario may land you a bigger trouble than that minute freaking errors of professionalism. Unless and until you don’t find, your need is too important to step out then only take this risk, otherwise the television set at home is the best option to relax and also to ease the hypertension of profession driven emergencies.

Tips to Drive through the Floods and Water Logged Areas Part 1

Okay, if you are heading to step out in the rains, then plan your route as per to the information available to you, that’s in terms we mean, which of the roads are completely blocked, which path has the highest possibility to hold water for a longer time etc. This type of advancements can get you the better perception out there and, if possible ask your friends who are in that area or so, about their nearby location and the best possible route to reach the destination.

Keep a mobile phone in spare:

Keeping an extra mobile phone in spare inside the car is always a good habit. But anyone who cannot do this round the 12 months then at least he should do for those 4 months of monsoon. Even worse than that, least the person should least carry it in the car while going out for this emergency type of situations. It is all because, most of the time one’s phone doesn’t work at the emergency spots during monsoon, maybe due to the moisture issues and all, but a mobile phone in spare will definitely help you to gain the strength in cases when you had clogged the worst of road and need emergency assistance, where your current phone is not supporting you at all. In this case the, spare phone comes into action and hand you that helping hand which you weren’t expecting at that particular time. The mobile in spare concept is not just taken from the fake-ology to conclude our writing skills, but is the proven emergency aid accepted throughout the world, and we had seen Indians too nowadays had started creeping in to this fragment.

It wasn’t our duty to inform you about the extra telecommunication support but we do have advice to tip you off about the particular model that had set the examples for others. Black and white phones of those bygone eras works best. Those pieces has the best network accepting capabilities, as they mostly work on mechanical, and keep the batteries stored for a longer time than our advanced and trendsetting gizmos. They old ones are also very hard to break when fallen down, yet being compact and useful at all the time.

The second advice on this plethora is, prefer CDMA network over GSM for the spare mobile phone. CDMA network is more powerful than the latter one, so you will be receiving signals even deep in the areas when the GSMs break their capacity in the early inches of distances.

Do keep a hammer also:

Hammer is also the best tool to get off from the dying water clogged sequence. It can help you a lot in the worst like sinking car, jammed doors and many other cases. For making the most out of it one can also keep the Swiss knife also to get windscreen chopped off during emergencies. Or other read our manual of how to get away from a sinking car will definitely make you on the dry spot of land.

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