Tips to Drive through the Floods and Water Logged Areas: Part 2

Hey folks, in the last part we had explained you what equipments can save your life in the times when it is raining heavily and you are tend to drive your way straight to the desired location. Here this time we are here to say about the actual direction that one needs to take while driving in that very risky puddle of life. Yes, as we all know driving in the deep waters can prove costly to your life and there are lots of people around the world who had lost their life due to such sequences. Here given below are some of the tricks and tweaks that one can follow to get his things straight in the line out from the water. And if that is not possible then at least you will be safe (not your car) by following these handy tips when got stuck in the water cluster.

First of all as we had said, don’t step out in the times of floods, though still you had that freaking boss calling on your phone to come to the office then you had no option instead of following his orders. Taking a left from your garage, there is a whole lot of puddle in front of you and you wanted to pass it to get yourself on the highways or maybe those up-heighted roads. But that’s not easy of going while gushing the water around and there you are safe on the other end. In this situation, be able to measure the height of water logged in that particular area. If it is more than 25cms or almost about the neck of door sills then please avoid it and call back your boss stating the respective reason for your absence in the office. Lest, if it is less than the bespoken mark then dare yourself to face the thrilling action passing from your feet to the active horizons of steering. Put the gear down to first and keep the dab the throttle very acutely. Don’t go very harsh on the accelerator. Otherwise, It may land you on the on the wrong side of travelogue. It may happen that sometimes you will not be able to judge the water levels in mid of the road. So it is better for you to stay on the initial end where you were standing safe, and let the other guys go through it to lend yourself the perfect idea of the same. However, this trick may sound mean for some of you but it really works at such disastrous moments.

Tips to Drive through the Floods and Water Logged Areas Part 2

Be in the Mainstream:

Most probably it is seen that sides of roads are low and flung with numerous inevitable. However the tarmac maybe flat from all the sides but there lies a little bit of tilt in the corner. This happens because engineers design it such a way that rain waters may not collect in the centre, whilst it should be flown off from the whole of it through such side-gropes. And that’s basically true one may always find a lot of water on the sides of road rather than its mid portion. Sometimes it happens that, to an extent one may find a lot of flat surface in the corners, but we tell you to our experience we also got trapped in such gimmicks and further flat cornered flat surfaces had landed us in the deep fuss of creep. At that time we made it mandatory for us too, by any moment of time if we fall out on the road by our Car in heavy rains or floods type situation then we will definitely follow the mid section of road, no sides at all. Take this note very seriously, because its 99% dangerous to go from the sidelines of streets when it is flooded. And if that 1% gives you feel the immediate need to go from the corners due to the mid-road potholes, then try to make a comeback on the mid of tarmac as soon as possible after crossing them.

Avoid Road Safety Signs:

Well, here we doesn’t mean to avoid those red marked signatures posted by the traffic department but it is to say that avoid going nearby those mid-of-the-road planted boards and all, because there it may happen that some drainage manhole is left open and you may get struck in to it. For most of the cases, the official road transport authority marked those dangerous spots with this sort of indications and so lugging around them will not prove safety at any of the cost. There are enough of cases that we read daily in newspaper a person fall into the open manhole and did not returned alive, sounds clingy to say our claims in one sentence.

Make Way for Others:

First things first, take a small halt when you find the other vehicle speeding into your way. The waves that are created by the opposite moving vehicles can prove hassle for you in the turmoil. So it is better to wait for a moment and then let the other one to pass by. This will also give you a clear way to cross the particular path.  Other part of this is, in some of the cases it happens one may find enough of distance so that only a single vehicle can pass through that road, so be like a gentleman here and give way to the other to pass first. In the hurry you can mess up the entire thing for both of the directions. So be safe and sound, whilst calm as well, will definitely put you on the other end of wading water.

Don’t Remove Your Foot from the Acceleration:

One may definitely know this old school trick, but still we thought of giving you a reminder again. We had already mentioned above in the article that drive in the lowest possible gear for crossing the reef of water, most probably be in the first and second itself, this is also that same old school driven activity to keep your vehicle off the water logs. We know that harsh acceleration is bad (as said above) but a bit lower throttling than it works in the way, force which is created by the acceleration on the exhaust note keeps the water at bay from entering the exhaust pipe. And hence continuous effort of same will definitely wobble out the water which had by mistakenly dwelled inside your car. Moreover do not the change gears in between the heavy rush of acceleration. It may happen that in the meantime, water can gasp in the car due to the wide gap of air left to be fizzled in between. Hopefully those bits of air are the outcome of clutch-engaging-gear action, so will directly lead the liquid into the cylinder room.

Apply the Brakes in Full Motion:

Yes this is the last and most useful strategy being applied in escaping the flood type situations. Keep on applying the brakes to keep you safe from swaying with the force of water. Make sure that you may not fall short of the acceleration while braking. Otherwise you know what the consequence is. We know that it is quite tough to maintain yourself floated with the dab of two pedals, but it isn’t impossible when you are trying hard to move out of the matter where you were fixed for choosing a one among the life and death. Also sometimes try the hand brakes when you are not getting desired result from the pedal brake.

Lastly, even trying after hard for this long and you cannot manage to escape this trouble, stop acceleration at the first note when you had realized that water is entering your vehicle. Throttling beyond that will lead the water to escape into the cylinder case, which is a heavy expenditure in the servicing bills. It will lead you to the replacement of large metal chunks in your car that is not so pocket friendly. At the moment, leave your vehicle wherever it is, and make your way out of the car as soon as possible. If the doors are not keen to open easily, break out from the window and reach the roof of the car. Ask for the lift if someone is willing to drive you out of the fuss, and if not then got the swimming route to reach any of the end, or else stay stranded in the amid of path unless and until the official help of government reaches to you. Well, the last option seems to tad to get out of the fuss, so be preferable while choosing the back out route. And be confident in yourself to choose a one wisely.

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