Renault-Nissan reveals Common Module Family system

The Renault-Nissan coalition will make use of an innovative Common Module Family structure in order to strengthen fourteen models, with more far-flung use aimed by the year 2020.

The innovative engineering structural design will be utilized on 11 Renault cars comprising substitutions for the Laguna, Espace as well as Scenic.

Nissan will make use of the design on forthcoming substitute editions of the X-Trail and Qashqai in addition to the Rogue in the United States.

Rather than being a shared widespread stage like Volkswagen’s MQB, the Common Module Family structure is in its place based around companionable modules, such as the engine cove, cabin, and frontage and back underbody segments, merging to make complete vehicles.

Renault-Nissan reveals Common Module Family system
As a result, vehicles constructed making use of the CMF system can use diverse podiums, permitting for further difference between models and manifold versions. The first vehicles to make use of CMF will reach fabrication by 2013 end.

It’s stated that the sharing of components and modules will lead to long-standing cost savings – around 30% on parts only – for the makers involved.

The coalition said that making use of the CMF could furthermore mean entry costs for its vehicles get decreased by around 40%.

The CMF method is likely to be utilized in the building of about 1.6 million cars per year firstly, in the compact as well as big vehicle sections, with it being flourished to comprise other models in the makers’ ranges in the years to 2020.

Because vehicles making use of the CMF will be sold throughout the world, the coalition said that the new module scheme will provide it superior economies of scale as compared to the existing B stage that underpins cars such as Clio and Micra.

Jean-Michel Billig, manufacturing, superiority and information technology Director, Renault, stated, “With Common Module Family structure, the investments in vehicle architecture and non-visible parts get mutualised, leading to noteworthy cost diminutions that permit us to introduce our improvement plan in terms of surroundings, security and innovative technologies for all our clients.”

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