Tips to Escape from a Sinking Car

Sinking car is a very unobvious sight in India but looking at the changing scenario of climate and all, or the nearing season of monsoon, one can derive that it maybe the situation which one can face at some point or the other. Taking a recap to some years back, when the God of rains had bestowed us with more than enough, than such type of cases came to light and many of them had also lost their life in this ‘rare-sorted’ incident. Looking at the time when the worst falls, it is better to be prepared from before. However, we should not say the rain affected areas are the one that gets the dose of such accidental activities but even in semi urban areas one tend to fall off from the river-bridge with his car. Then this rule only applies for that situation also. As seen, there was an incident happened in one of the Monsoon season under which the whole family got locked inside their car. The door could not be opened due to the heavy water tremors at gate. They even tried to escape through the windows but disappointingly it was a powered window so it got stuck up intact due to the electrical failures. And finally they all died from suffocation at the same spot. From that time, this sort of awareness had started spreading widely through the media. Looking at those widespread contents we had found most probably one of the points missing in them that is considered to be the most important one. Hold your patience, we will reveal it in this blog, and definitely it will be the perfect answer to all your queries.

Tips to Escape from a Sinking Car

Hold up the position:

When you learnt that your car is entering the water body leaving the tarmacs in your ORVMs then it is the time that you should hold the perfect position in a driver’s seat. The image formed on your driver’s seat should be that of when airbags are pumped out of the jiff. Be tight and spectacular in the upright front direction. Wielding here and there may snack you up more speedily in the water body.

Remain Calm:

“Remain Calm” however sound unobvious in the situations where one may fall into, but it is still the best remedy amongst all. Look into the things properly and try to make your mind work. Panicking in this situation will not lend you anywhere, but instead you will end of in the bottom of water. A cool mind is the first step even to the world’s toughest situation.

Unlock your seatbelt:

Apart from dangling here and there, manage to unlock the seatbelt. In most of the cases that we had seen on internet and elsewhere too, it does not become a fuss even at such time, unless and until the driver had removed it with instant calmness. The cases got ruined when a person loses his cool on the same. As the seatbelt is not worked with the electrical support, it can be taken off at of the time even when there are no keys in the keyhole.

Don’t try to escape via door:

This point and the next one are the two most important slots that we had mentioned in the beginning. Escape via door is the impossible route in such situation. It’s because the weight of water is but obviously more than the door, hence when one tries to open it water will barge them again into its original place. Hence, one cannot get out of it even if it hits them harder and harder than before. Moreover, the car will also creep in some doses of liquid in between which will then start pulling down the car to bottom.

Break the window glass:

Most of the people do not tend to cover this attempt positively in spite they have attempted all of the above mentioned moves successfully. Here the most of chance fail what to use for breaking the glass and the answer is quite simple, “your headrest”. Pull out your headrest and start punching the “window” glass with its metal fork. You will definitely get the perfect break through for your escape if targeted that bespoken spot very forcefully yet tactically. We must say that this is the most approved technique used in this situation and had also proven successful for many of them. Hence, we say it is the easiest amongst all, but don’t get disappointed if still you can’t managed to do this. There are others too.

The next one is break the glass through your elbow. We don’t mean it with the naked arms but wrap your shirt/t-shirt around them and start hitting the window glass with all forces that you have. As it will crushes out all your energy from within but hard work never goes off in vain. It will definitely pay you for what you had done. And there is no other option left for you except to keep trying and trying.

The next which is not the least and not the last yet is use a hammer. Hammer is the easiest and best of all to break the window panes or even windshield. A couple of punches on the glass and the iron will it proves its worth in those two shots. Finally, you’ll be out without putting in much of the efforts. The point that is meant to be noted here is one should have a hammer in his car. We hope all of us had learnt a lesson in life while traveling in rain or somewhere in the extreme conditions like mountains and all. Hopefully, accident waits at every turn if not handled the car properly. It is always a good deal to keep a hammer in your car. No one knows where you may need it. And moreover, what it takes to keep it for your safety? It not even eats up the fuel nor even battery, hence free of maintenance cost for lifetime. We say over here, maintain a habit of keeping a hammer always. Just like you check the oil and tyre pressure also check this when you leave for the long rides and all.

Well, if one may find the hammer too heavy to store it in the car, then the last and least we suggest is “Army Knife”. Apart from being the part of army men’s tool it is an important metal for our day to day to use. We are suggesting the one that comes with the ‘windshield cutter’. Yes, the Victorinox provides one of them with the bespoken feature. And we hope apart from cutting the windshield every time, it is also helpful when you hit the road very often. Victorinox is the reputed name in making this type of collection, but if one wants to prefer something else then they can also see other of the brands available in market. Make sure they are of the good standards, not some any of the cheap sounding names. The best one in this product line always pinches the pocket harder, looking at the face of our lives that is only a mere amount of cash, and also a onetime investment which will stay with you unless and until you lose them by any chance.

The most important factor while considering the hammer and army knife is the “storage place”. Even known but a mild doubt always arises, which is the best place for keeping it? As it should be handy and accessible in the time of need, we say the glove box is the perfect location to end all your queries. It’s accessible and easy to open at all times.

In all the cases, do remember try on one or another option if the previous one doesn’t work. Windshield is not the right option, as they are rigid, break-proof and all, so it will be a waste of time trying that portion. Well, someone had also sorted out that high heels or any of the shoes if punched hard in the centre of side window glass then that also work successfully in this trivia. The basic rule which one may need to remember here is the, force a punch where the glass is weak. Hence, a laptop, screw driver, wheel lock, umbrella, large camera, and many more objects that are a bit heavy in weight also concentrate in the pointed direction like centre punch are the considerable options.

Clear the mess of glass pieces:

Getting back to the drowning scenario again, clear the glass pieces from the panes of windows before pulling oneself out from the car. It may hurt you while escaping. Be safe, do it as soon as possible and don’t waste most of the time in that particular activity. Leave it and get out faster if that is not happening with ease.

Swim back to the shore as soon as possible:

As we all know we have to swim back to the shore as soon as possible after the escape. Hence we had made a point here is, free the children and women first. Because, once when the car is left opened, then without wasting much of the time water fills in all the gaps inside. Children, women and old aged do not have the capacity to hold breathe like that of a youth for so long. As a result they are the ones who are prone to any of the inevitable more than us. Well, all after all reached the shores safely then also lays one precaution.

Seek medical help:

Escaping to the shores is not all the victory. There may be some of the injuries inside which may not surface clearly on the sense, maybe because of the adrenalin rush that is running throughout your body. But it may be so critical that one can die after reaching shores safely. And moreover that cause is known when his dead body is studied deeply in the concentrated light of post mortem hall. It had happened in most of the cases, so be sure to look for a doctor as a first thing when reached on the shores.

We hope this much is quite enough to tackle sinking car situation, and also make sure to keep your family members informed about the same at all time.

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