Tips to safeguard your car from getting stolen: Part 2

Last week we had mentioned about the tips regarding safety and security of the car, and had also affirmed to update you with the gadgets available in market that can support the best. Now after doing a bit of research work, we had reached a point where we got our hands on the mentioned gadgets that are best to use and falls tough for thieves to undo them.

Gear Lock:

Gear lock comes in two types, a U-shaped and a pin-shaped. Both of them are made of hard steel and are tough to break in a very short span of time. It is needed to be mounted near the gear lever, and the gear knob required to be slotted in neutral or reverse tractions to engage the lock. In actual, the lock is fitted in on the car floor by drilling the jag into it, and therefore the thieves find it hard to pull it up even after they get the access to interiors of your vehicle. It holds up the traction in that same locked condition and disallow them to move the vehicle unless and until they’ll won’t unlock it. Comparatively, the pin shaped is the safest. The pin passes through the central tunnel of the car and sits away from the sight of saw tools and others when locked in place. In addition, the keys of it are also not easy to replicate, hence a spring-loaded mechanism ejects the lock when it is unlocked.

Gear Lock

Though in our recommendations, we suggest to buy the pin-shaped only, as it is the safest from the mentioned two. And also look for the better spring mechanism in the one which you are buying. Both of the locks falls in the range of Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 1,500 approximately and comes with a warranty of five years. Hopefully it is the easiest, best and yet the cheapest security measure for your car. Takes only a few minutes for the fixation and is easy to maintain as well.

Steering lock:

Steering lock is also another device that avoids the car theft in its best. Hopefully, it also falls in the secondary case when thieves gets access to enter your car, but due to the steering lock he too will not be able to drive away the vehicle. This device comes in the shape of a stick, which on the one end locks the steering and on the other end stops the pedal from getting dabbed. This is in actual a dual security, the steering and pedal, both of them gets locked at a single attempt.

However, it isn’t costly, but comes in a very efficient manner for a price tag of Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 approximately in the market (for basic version). We suggest you to look for the one that comes with rugged build quality and also a quick release design.

Steering lock

Central locking and alarm:

Nowadays, the modern day vehicles already come equipped with central locking, but we suggest buying an alarm system for it. The alarm works on the basis of sensors, and triggers the alarm when it faces the force entry into the vehicle. There is a central processing unit embed in it which takes inputs from the shock and pressure sensors placed around the car. In addition, a remote control also comes with the alarm system that is able to lock your vehicle even from a distance. The system is so smart that if you had locked the car using remote and are trying to open it with the keys, then it will trigger the alarm and would inform the nearby crowd about this activity of yours. Need not to embarrass, one can kill the alarm when he will unlock it with remote control.

Central locking and alarm

Our recommendation says, prefer the one which has good range of remote and can locate your car in the parking lot too.

Tracking devices:

In the days of advancements, car security system is also not left behind. Along with the unending list of smartphones, there are the ones available in markets which are called as GPS-and GSM-based security devices. It is said to be the most hi-tech security made for the car yet. It uses the aforementioned technology of sensors and central locking, with the advanced functioning of a mobile SIM to send the message to owners when detects the forced entry via its sensors. The SMS to owner is regarded to be of the car theft taking place, where one can disable it by sending an SMS too. Also there are other features to which it detects the high speed of car that is notched without the owner’s knowledge. Seems very important to keep a track of your chauffeur.

The tracking device costs approximately for the price tag of Rs. 8000 which also gives you the benefit of one year warranty. Whilst,  the extracts of our research work says, there are products in market that comes with SIM only units, and instead of not preferring it choose the GSM and GPS based devices to derive the accurate location detection.

Tracking devices

Hence, all the above mentioned devices are worth spending the cost. It’s because, when you had spent lakhs on the car purchase then a bit more of the bucks will lend you a complete mind of peace. It seems a no-brainer when you had already splurged this huge sum of money on the metal, and are not willing to spend some small amount of grinds for its security. At least, one can buy the steering lock and gear lock to do the minimum for the said sake. They both are not so costly either, and when visibly the thief even tries to manage to pass forward the gear lock then he will find him stuck in the fuss of steering one. So both of them are best enough to give you the toughest ever security, and would also deter the thief to move towards the next unsecured car. Lest, moving a bit more advanced than these two you will notice, the GPS tracking system will lend the knowhow of a car even when one is not living in the country.

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