Top Ten New Car Features 2015

The driveability of a car is one part, its design and aesthetic is another, whereas third collateral had now emerged powerful for selling them. As guessed, it’s the ‘features’ which nowadays are seeking importance in selling those four-wheeled productions. With a slight skew of changes or amendments (either addition or subtraction to fit the price tag) it helps to sells the whole of stockyard within days. The case exactly at the time of buying is, we do look for a better value which is majorly intercepted in terms of features rather than driveability, and hence make our decisions that offers maximum of them in the given band. However, there isn’t any denial some exceptional cars still persists that do on suits this bill, for example Honda City which costs a hefty but still sells due to the driving pleasure that it delivers. Right now, we have listed down the number of features that pose to be must-haves for the cars of this scenario in India. Here are 10 best of the most desirable or luxe that had also turned out to be of utility as well with the rising standard of expectations.

Daytime running lights

Whether it has to be a motorcycle, scooter or even an Alto, most automotive buyers wishes their possession shall be consisted of daytime running lights. Even though it doesn’t prove of great utility in driving the subject, but as to flash the substance and make a distinct identity of being a part of this advanced world is what it is nearly aimed for. DRLs are slightly becoming mandatory where automakers are rolling out their cars with it included in the standard package.

Adjustable driver’s seat and steering wheel

Almost every comfort feature is designed for passengers, where with the rise of young generation some of them now are also gearing focus for the car’s pilot as well. Minimally, the adjustable seat and steering wheel shall be given to driver for the most needful character.

Top Ten New Car Features 2015

Keyless Entry and Push start button

These two features are worth moving out very quickly. Instead of using the keys again and again, it is better to make the technologies work for you and whisk in a whip. Push-start button reduces the hassle especially at the long traffic jam where the car’s engine is turned off, and those quenching traffic signals which stands at the junction that often requires a number engine turn-offs and ons.

Multifunction steering wheel

The multi-functionality buttons a steering wheels is not only to show off the car being laden with numerous tech and you as a driver is the master. At times it starts obsessing on the palms and fingers, but helps driver for retaining its concentration on the roads rather than diverting it on changing the music track or increasing-decreasing the volume.

Follow-me headlamps

Also known as coming home headlamps, this feature may sound a bit dud, but honestly it works when parked the car at highways or an unidentified parking spot, where the uncertainty levels are high, and a major risk is posed by its nearby components.

Dead pedal

Youngsters, who don’t tent to go off the gas and always stay in the rush, may not need this. But some uncle-types who preferred going by the way of cruising, and loves to work with automatic-types transmission without actually realizing the benefits of purely manual, will definitely jump with joy for such a dead pedal. However, the dead pedal is meant to rest the left foot when not engaging the clutch. Thanks to some advanced technologies which have immensely reduced the need of using left foot as it used to be earlier.

Driver and Safety aids

The safety is priority of everyone sitting in the car, where at first come the driver’s safety. Aids like ABS, ESP, hill hold, and so on comes first than those airbags for the rest. Surely, seatbelts shall be mandatory for all the occupants inside the cabin.

Climate Control

With the rising demand in comfort level, it is no longer a luxury. Instead one may easily the climate control and rear AC vents as a necessity for the Indian markets. The climatic condition demands for a rear AC vents in every car, and that climate control eases it to go number of miles without touching a button, being simply relaxed in own thoughts treated with the conducive blow of cool air from vents.

In-car entertainment system

The entertainment for cars had come a long way. Those days are gone when a good sounding music player would just do. Now, everyone demands their smartphones to be connected with the car’s music system, and it shall be capable to accept USBs, pen-drives, and other memory devices which stores songs. If that is not enough to say more about its developments, the CDs are even outdated! Trend of mixing the tweeters and amplifiers with some of the finest music system are on the verge, where touchscreen is almost the need of hour.

Parking Aids

The grueling and tight parking spots of urban jungle cannot compel cars to get smaller. In fact, there should be advanced parking technologies or devices employed in a car.  Parking sensors that beep when the car is about to knock down a wall, or a reverse parking camera, just fits the bill rightly. Even those antiglare mirrors and such sorts of equipments fall handy at these times, and helps parking the car. Now, the automatic parking features being rolled out in the production car, which almost is appearing as failed attempt, is having scope in future to do well if developed more strategically.

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