KIA Motors Planning To Enter India

In the battle of earning number from masses and thickening the profit ratio, there comes the KIA in the line after Maruti and Hyundai. As reported by a source, this sister automaker of Hyundai may soon mark its footprint in India. Ranging from hatchbacks to sedans it boasts all the right products which are needed to be sold in a number oriented place like India.

To cue up the right price tags since from the beginning, this Korean carmaker is hunting its way to setup a factory first in order to attain economies of scale.

They say the diversion towards India didn’t suddenly stick the KIA Motors. It was eyeing the country’s growth since way back. Concluded, after Russia and China, India is such a place which is bound to experience a high growth rate over the coming years.

KIA Motors Planning To Enter India

Apparently, the plan for KIA of entering the India is not on an immediate basis. It still needed some time to examine the market conditions and study more feasibility.

As its the sister concern of Hyundai which is also operating in this country, both the carmaker can derive heavy benefits from suppliers and hence can bring down the cost paving a huge blow in the competition.

Source: ET

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