Top ten selling used/second hand cars in India – Part 2

Last week, I had piled up a list of the top ten selling used cars in India however that list included only 5 second hand cars. Here I am again with the remaining 5, completing the list of ten cars. Now ten cars would be a small figure keeping in mind the fact that there are approximately 5000 used cars sold each day in India. However out of these 5000 cars, majority of the cars are from the list that I have compiled. Only about 5 percent of the cars sold would be outside this majority. And those 5 percent would include the likes of the Mitsubishi Lancer, Tata Indigo and some Corolla, Octavia sprinklings.

Honda City :

Ever since the time the Honda City debuted in the Indian market, it has been a runaway hit. Only recently the Volkswagen Vento has been giving it a tough fight. Its bullet proof engine coupled with the low maintenance tag have ensured that this sedan remains the top pick amongst the second hand car buyers. Its reliability quotient however brings in high resale prices and this means that a second hand Honda City from the first generation Hyper 16 engine series would be available for Rs 2 lakhs plus. A recent 2008 model would cost about Rs 7-8 lakhs. High fuel efficiency as also comfortable seats and spacious boot ensure that this car retains its value even when you intend to sell it.

Hyundai Accent :

The Hyundai Accent just like the Honda City has been a runaway success from the time it was launched. However it doesn’t hold its value as good as the Honda. Accent’s interiors are hard wearing plus there is less trouble with its electricals. Decent fuel economy coupled with comfortable seating arrangement ensures that this Hyundai is a hit in the used car market. On top of it, there was a diesel engine under the hood as well. Resale prices for a used Hyundai Accent would range around the Rs 1.6 lakhs mark to the Rs 2.4 lakhs mark.

Maruti Esteem :

Since the time it was discontinued in early 2008, the Maruti Esteem has seen some heavy depreciation in its resale value. While the earlier Esteems had high resale values, as of now, after it was discontinued, a second hand Maruti Esteem would cost around Rs 2.3 lakhs for a 2008 model. Well, my CEO gifted one to his nephew recently. Esteems are known for their cheap to fix parts and reliable engine. Moreover, Esteems also carry around the Maruti tag which means fuel efficiency would be its forte. It is a tuners favorite with its easy to fix engine components and performance capabilities in the light shell.

Maruti Baleno :

The Baleno was a victim of bad brand publicity plus the excessive price tag that it carried at the time of its launch. It had a gem of an engine plus spacious interiors. However the interior plastic quality was nothing to speak about while the car itself was one of the solidly built Maruti cars around. It was pretty much fuel efficient and was reliable enough. Nowadays these cars are available at dirt cheap prices. A used Maruti Baleno can be yours for only Rs 2.8 lakhs and this would be for the fully loaded VXi variant with alloy wheels as also the bells and whistles.

Mahindra Scorpio :

The Mahindra Scorpio is a tempting deal in a used car market. Imagine a fully blooded SUV available at Rs 4.73 lakhs. An automatic Scorpio from the recent batch would cost a good Rs 8.33-9.21 lakhs. But it is well worth the money. A used Scorpio is reasonably fuel efficient and spacious. Plus add that big bad brute SUV image and you cannot go wrong with this one. Avoid the earlier batch Scorpios as they are prone to mechanical failures as also electrical problems. Choose one from the post 2006 batch.

So that was a list of 5 cars which are highly revered in the second hand car market. Not only do they retain their value over the years but they have also made an indelible impression in the minds of the Indian public.

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