Toyota emerges for third consecutive time as the best global Green Band

Toyota is one of the most iconic brand names when it comes to car makers. It is renowned on a global scale not only for the technical efficiency of its products, but also for the thoughtfulness behind its planning and designing. Toyota still remains unbeatable when it comes to “Green Technology”. For the 3rd consecutive time it bagged the title of the Best Global Green Brand by Interbrand; which is a renowned brand consultancy assessing brands globally. Interbrand uses technical data along with the public opinion to decide this ranking.

Toyota is ranked as the third largest car dealing and manufacturing company in the world. On a global scale, it is placed at the 11th position for the annual revenue generation. Although it is one of the leaders in the current market on a global scale, it still does not fail to fulfill its duties towards the environment.

Toyota emerges for third consecutive time as the best lobal Green Band
“Green Brand” refers to the Eco friendliness of the product. Vehicles manufactured by Toyota are known to use green technology that reduces the hazards caused to the environment by driving. Toyota’s highly efficient cars are already acclaimed for the advanced technology that is used in building them. What makes them so effective as a Green Brand, is the customer’s personal experience associated with it.

A survey done by interviewing more than 10,000 Toyota customers revealed that all the customers had stated firmly, that their cars required lesser maintenance, lesser volume of water, were more fuel efficient and emitted lesser volume of exhaust gases. This survey which was carried out globally certified the “Green Image” of Toyota strongly.

Toyota has in it’s line up, at present, a total of 21 new models and hybrids that are said to reach the market by 2015. These models are currently being assessed by Interbrand for their compliance.

Toyota goes to the extent of educating people to spread awareness about the environment and ways to protect it. It is actively taking part in various CSR activities which adds to the Eco friendliness of their products as well as customer compliance.

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