Toyota Hilux 2022 | All You Need To Know | Quick Review |

Toyota Hilux 2022 | All You Need To Know | Quick Review |

All you need to know about the upcoming Toyota Hilux. The Toyota Hilux has been in production since 1968 and is finally being launched in India. Toyota has sold more than 18 million units of the Hilux globally & it is the name which comes to mind, when you hear the word ‘pickup truck’. 

Toyota, which is known for its reliability, was able to garner this reputation because of the indestructible Hilux. 

With the launch of the Toyota Hilux, there will be an addition in the  lifestyle-off-roader segment, which was earlier, single handedly dominated by the lonewolf- The Isuzu V-Cross, but without the V-Cross, India would have never been able to witness the launch of the Hilux. As the V-Cross had created the hype for lifestyle pickup trucks in India. 

So what is the Hilux like? Is it worth the hype? We will keep this review very simple for you to understand, and showcase the key highlights of the Hilux. Such as, its engine-gearbox options, design language & the features that we can expect. 

Starting with what powers the Hilux

The Hilux will be powered by the same 2.8L Turbo-diesel engine that powers the Fortuner. It is tuned to deliver 204 HP & a huge torque figure of 500 Nm. As offered on the Fortuner, the hilux too will be getting a 6-Speed Manual & a 6-Speed Torque Converter Automatic Transmission. It goes without saying that it will be offered with the 4- Wheel Drive powertrain. So in terms of the engine & power figures, the Hilux is completely identical to the Toyota Fortuner. 

But will it drive in a similar way too? 

Not at all, The Hilux is built on the same iMV-2 platform as the Fortuner & the Innova Crysta, but it will behave quite differently on the road than the Fortuner owing to its architecture. The pickup-cab architecture stretches the length & wheelbase of the Hilux as compared to the Fortuner. The Hilux will be bolted to a beefy body-on-frame chassis to carry forward Toyota’s indestructible credentials. 

Speaking of the suspension setup, the Hilux will come with independent front suspension & a solid rear axle with leaf springs, following the pickup truck principle of suspensions, to offer the heavy weight bearing capacity to the rear cab. 

Taking into consideration the long wheelbase and the suspension setup, it will surely fulfil its purpose of conquering the rough terrain while being indestructible. However, do not even for a moment compare this to a Fortuner or call it an SUV, just on the basis of their shared powertrain. Both are a different breed of SUVs, which can only be experienced once you’re seated behind the wheels of the pickup truck.

In the design aspect, the Hilux might seem like a Fortuner on steroids, when you eyeball it from the front. The headlamps and the front grille strongly suggest that they are akin. The difference in the two only gets clearer, when you have a look at its side profile and the rear end.

The side profile is quite intriguing with its stretched length and wheelbase, the protruding contours over the rear fenders increase the beef appeal of the pickup. The Hilux will even borrow the 18” wheels from the Fortuner. 

In terms of interior design and features, it is likely to borrow  the dashboard layout, the steering wheel, and center console from the Fortuner. The 8.0” infotainment system with the Apple CarPlay & Android Auto is also expected in the Hilux. The only difference that will be seen here is the 2nd-row seating layout and space. Since this is a double-cab based pickup, the 2nd row will compromise on the space and comfort when compared to a traditional SUV, the Toyota Fortuner, in this case. 

We can expect it to come with locking differentials. However, we will have to wait till the launch to know the exact features being offered in the Indian Spec of Hilux.

The only contender in the segment for Hilux will be another Japanese pickup, the Isuzu V-Cross, which is priced between Rs 18-25 lakhs (ex-showroom). Whereas, the Hilux is expected to launch at a price upwards of Rs 25 Lakhs, word in the industry is, it could even cost Rs 30 lakhs (ex-showroom). So it is pricier than the V-Cross, but the Toyota’s reliability and mind-blowing resale value will play its cards here and push buyers towards shelling extra cash as they can be assured of the return on investment on this depreciating asset. 


  • Toyota Hilux In Production Since 1968
  • Toyota Sold 18 Million Hilux Globally
  • 2.8L Turbo-Diesel Engine
  • 204 HP & 500 Nm Torque
  • 6-Speed Manual & 6-Speed Torque Converter Automatic Transmission
  • 4-Wheel Drive with Differential Locks
  • L- 5325 mm, W- 1855 mm, H- 1815 mm
  • Wheelbase- 3085 mm
  • Front Suspension- McPherson Strut (IFS) Setup
  • Rear Suspension- Leaf Springs-Shock Absorbers Setup
  • 18” Alloy Wheels
  • Borrows Interiors from Toyota Fortuner
  • Will get Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
  • Expected Price- Rs 25-30 Lakhs (ex-showroom)

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