Tractor Brands In India Face Challenges To Meet Farmers’ Quality And Service Expectations: Study

Beyond automobiles, there are various segments catered under the automotive sector. Certainly, the tractors have remained a one such example in India, where the makers have earned fortunes, and to name a one Mahindra & Mahindra suits fine. Though, like cars and other vehicles of our roads, JD Asia, a one of the leading research company, has laid out its study on this farm equipment, where certain truths have surfaced showing the insights of the industry.

Rating the most concentrated components of tractor, tyres, transmission hydraulic and couplings have emerged on the top of the list. They pose wide angle of impact over owner’s satisfaction. And the uneven or excessive tyre wear is most the most bothersome problem ever caused to owner.

However, on the service prospect, the report confirms, sellers contact only 8% of the users for their routine maintenance via authorised dealership, whereas 19% of those who take their tractors for a service are made to wait for a whole day against the standard of 2.5 hours as per process. The study also rated fair pricing is least followed at the service centres, where 13% felt they were charged over the expected standard rates. In the term of transparency, 21% owners informed, they receive a clear and transparent information pre and post the service. More of them remained in dark about such accounts indicating the sellers are needed to work on the transparency level it their process of after sales.

Tractor Brands In India Face Challenges To Meet Farmers’ Quality And Service Expectations

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