Turkish Bus Collided with a Fire-Hydrant in Istanbul

Travelling in a bus feels like boring but can be sometimes fun too. The Turkish bus drivers are its best examples, as one needs not to go to a water park when can get a dose of adrenaline rush in the metal bogie itself.

The video that is placed below speaks about same story that we had mentioned, but it is a real accident of Istanbul, Turkey. A bus driver in the European-Arab influenced country rammed into a fire-hydrant which releases a huge fountain of water under the bus. It was so pressurized that windows were broken down into pieces, as the water craved inside after sometime. Accident is assumed to be happened while saving the car-collision.

Bus vs Fire Hydrant in Istanbul Water

However, such types of scenes were captured in movies and advertisements only but real life experience is quite different than those “refreshing inclinations”. We hope that no one is injured and has been rescued safely, thoughtfully government must be suffering a big bonk of damage bills for cleaning bus in such tempting manner.

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