Two Nissan Terranos Spied Back-to-Back

It was just yesterday when we had posted the fraying image of Nissan Terrano, which is soon going to rival Renault Duster in an aggressive note. Now this morning we had received one more spy shot of it, making us to do the describing job once again.

No to issues, with respect to the spy image, it seems the Nissan is quite conscious about the spies roaming in the nearby areas of R&D so the officials had always maintained a legacy of the test vehicles being covered in camouflage. Hence, not any of the new sneak peeks can be gained from it.

Hope so, the whole global media is hyping this particular news on their respective channels, it becomes mandatory from the end of carmaker to arrange this sort of restrictions in their R&D facility. Well, the most interesting piece of news is that, the spy shot bestows both the test mules of Terrano together just “back-to-back”; it means the testing is going to conclude the results very truthfully and as well very accurately.

Two Nissan Terranos
There is not any of the information on the technical specifications, but the unveiling ceremony on 20th August 2013 will conclude it all at the best.

Till then it is advisable to hold your breath and let the clock tick faster than usual. We too are eager for it to be unveiled soon.

Nissan Terranos Spied Back-to-Back

Courtesy:  Turbos and Pistonz

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