Toyota Camry Hybrid gears up for India launch in September

‘Going green’ as we know is the new trend of automotive industry in India, Toyota falls prey to it for enticing us to save a lot of cost on the fossil fuel, and the ‘fossil fuel’ as well itself.

Thought the first Hybrid experiment of Japanese had not gone well down our throats in the terms of ‘Prius’, now the most favourite Camry is going to do its job from the month of September, says a report on the web portal arena of (Indian) automobile fraternity.

Meanwhile, it is a complete whole month for the roll-out to take place, the carmaker is learnt to start the promotional activities during the August itself, which we hope maybe visible somewhere soon on the coming dates and spaces.

Though, hybrid is still a ‘new concept’ to Indians, the Japanese seems to be playing a risky bet on the coming bug, instead they would have focus on the compact SUVs to make most of the sales possible here.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

An addition, as Camry is imported in CKD form here and faces the local assembly, the Hybrid version of it will also follow the CKD route, instead going CBU and raising the cost.

Both of the cars will be similar in most of the cosmetic areas, but the differentiated front grille on the greener vehicle will make a fresher stance than the other one, as what the last spy shots of hybrid had conveyed.

It would be the petrol version of Camry that will be called for the Hybrid makeup. Hence, the 2.5litre displacement will do its job in the engine bay, where an electric motor will be deployed for achieving the massive numbers of 200bhp in total, after making a lot of savings on the fossil fuels and its costs.

Toyota e-CVT gearbox is said to be fractioned for sending the power to front wheels, whereas Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system will control the power management simultaneously.

Estimated cost of the Hybrid Camry is expected to be lugging around Rs. 35 lakh at the time of launch.

Courtesy: IAB

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