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So, finally you have decided to buy a used car but you have moolah enough to buy a new one. However the new Mahindra Scorpio that you are eyeing is way beyond your budget and you don’t want to take a loan. So, the best option is to stick to your first choice and that would be to buy a used Mahindra Scorpio. But you are unaware of the buying process as well as what to check out for in a used car before buying it. Here are some tips on purchasing a used Mahindra Scorpio.

This was the first modern SUV to be launched by Mahindra and Mahindra around 2002. It was an alternative to the much dated Toyota Qualis and the Tata Safari. That its butch styling as well as value for money proposition caught the fancy of Indian MUV buyers, reflects in the MUV’s chart busting sales figures. Since the Mahindra Scorpio has been updated time and again by the company, it is not too difficult to find well maintained versions specimens in the used market. Usually the first thing that you have to check for is if all the paperwork for the used Mahindra Scorpio are in place. Check for the PUC and insurance papers as well. Check if there was any claim made and for what amount. Once satisfied, start inspecting the car. The paint quality for the earlier versions was quite wax like and it is most likely that uncared for cars would have a peeling type of paint. Also cars with inconsistent paint quality means that they have been in a shunt or not properly repaired.Avoid such type of cars as repainting the body would cost you in excess of Rs.30,000.

After inspecting the paint quality, next comes the tyres. The Bridgestone Dueler H/T tyres are quite tough and last for about 35,000 kms. They should have an even tread pattern. If there is an uneven tread, then the tyres would also have to be replaced. Checking the service history would reveal if the tyres have been rotated as per their schedule. If you find entirely new tyres and the car hasn’t even clocked the required number of miles, then ask the reason for the tyre change. If you don’t feel its satisfactory, then move away. Now, move over to the tail pipe. Start the engine, rev it and inspect the fumes coming out. If they are blue in color, it means that engine oil is been mixed diesel. This would be an expensive proposition and a sign of an ill maintained vehicle. Avoid tourist vehicles as this tend to be more abused. Go for single owner driven vehicles. Tag along a mechanic friend to inspect the health of the engine. The 2609cc direct injection turbo charged diesel engine produces 110 Bhp. It was designed by AVL from Austria. There was a new engine developed later on and it was the 2.2 liter CRDI pumping out 115 Bhp. A more powerful version called the CRDE was introduced with a 5 Bhp increase. This is the current version on sale now.

Well satisfied that the exteriors and the engine is in good condition, move over to the interiors. The interiors of the earlier cars sported a sort of flowery pinkish upholstery. This tends to soil easily but this can be easily rectified by going over with a shampoo wash job. The earlier Scorpios didn’t have steering mounted controls. The steering was also covered in leather. The ones post 2009 have the steering mounted controls though along with cruise control. The feature laden 2009 model would be a rarity in the market since owners only tend to sell their vehicles if they have any genuine problem with the car or if they have some other better model in mind. Mahindra Scorpios are known to be quite reliable. In the engine department, watch out for any turbo leak since the previous versions had this problem. There have been even reports of used Mahindra Scorpios going without any engine overhaul till the 2 lakh kilometers mark. Check if all the lights including head lights, tail lamps, brake lamps and indicator lights are working properly. Some Scorpios did report some electric failures. There was a top end SLX version introduced in 2007 which had voice instructions if one failed to put on the seat belt. The Mahindra Scorpio was available in 7,8 and 9 seater configurations. Its middle row is not so spacious whereas the rear was also not quite upto the mark. Its front seats were quite spacious though.

The gearbox and clutch should work in tandem. They should also be light in their operation. A hard gearbox or clutch would mean expenses. When out for a test drive, do keep in mind that the when your hands are off the steering wheel, the car shouldn’t pull to one side. If it does, then it means that the suspension needs to be worked upon. Earlier Scorpios had a leaf spring suspension which means that the ride was not so good while on the highway. This also affected the handling. To rectify this, Mahindra and Mahindra modified the rear axle as well as added an anti roll bar to the rear suspension. This improved the ride as well as handling capabilities of the SUV. Its preferable to go in for used Mahindra Scorpios post 2005. Every year, there are subtle additions carried on in the Mahindra Scorpio. Also while on the drive, there shouldn’t be unusual sounds emanating from the car’s engine. The Mahindra Scorpio is one quiet MUV and only when the engine is revved hard does it display its diesel roots. There was also an issue with spongy brakes in earlier specimens. Do avoid those. Safety features were introduced in galore post 2005. There were 2 air bags, safety intrusion beams, parktronic systems, cruise control and many more.

A used Mahindra Scorpio should give approximately 8-10 kmpl in the city and 14-15 kmpl on the highway. It should be a relatively trouble free vehicle and one which is a hoot to drive around in the town or highway. Its relatively light steering wheel doesn’t make one realize about the car’s 1.5 tonne weight. Also check out for all those power goodies like central locking, power windows and also the air conditioner. It should throw a constant flood of air, depending on the blower speed. Replacing the air conditioner would prove to be a very costly affair. If you enjoy driving, the Mahindra Scorpio is the used car to own. A 2002 model should be available for as low as Rs.3.5 to Rs.4 lakhs. Whereas any other models, with the recent 2009 models would fetch upto Rs.7.7-8 lakhs.

Mahindra Scorpio specifications

Engine Type: 2609 cc, Inline Intercooled CRDe with turbocharger with 4 cylinder
Power: 115 PS @3800 rpm
Torque: 283 Nm @1700 rpm
Bore: 95 (mm)
Stroke: 94 (mm)
Compression Ratio: 19.5
Transmission Type: Manual
Gears/Speeds: 5
Clutch Type: Hydraulically Operated
Front Suspension: Independent, Coil Spring, Anti Roll Bar
Rear Suspension: Coil Spring, Multilink
Steering Type: Hydraulic Tilt & Collapsible  Power assisted
Minimum Turning Radius: 5.2 meters
Front Brakes: Discs
Rear Brakes: Drums
Wheel Type: Steel
Wheel Size: 6.6Jx16
Tyres: 235/72 R 16

Mileage (Highway): 13 (km/liter)
Mileage (City): 8.5 (km/liter )
Mileage (Overall): 10 (km/liter)
Seating Capacity: 7,8 and 9
Fuel Tank Capacity: 62 (liter)
No Of Doors: 5
Maximum Speed: 159 (kmph)
0-100kmph: 17.2 (seconds)
1/4 Mile: 21.2 (seconds)
100kmph-0 (Braking): 2.7 (meters)
80kmph-0 (Braking): 45.6 (meters)

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