Volkswagen CrossPolo Caught Testing in India: Spy Shots

Just for the last some days we have been witnessing Polo as the major soldier of VW being sent every time on the battlefield to jig off alone against competitors, where the other model plate seems to be resting and cooling their heels inside AC showrooms. Well, to a large extent, this is the actual picture ongoing with the insights of VW badge, and very recently, one of the publishing house had caught CrossPolo doing test rounds in India.

The image which is posted on this blog is taken by Indiancarsbikes, on the outskirts of Pune named Chakan, near the manufacturing unit of this German auto brand.

Ripping off the peel from whole, it’s found, CrossPolo is burgeoned with off-road kits, silver roof rails, rear mounted spare wheel, re-styled front and rear bumpers, taller alloys, and some more tit bits here and there, giving a feel of total SUV figured to climb the very steep uphill at ease.

Volkswagen CrossPolo Caught Testing
However, not much of the revelations can be made, but we expect the new 1.5L diesel jag to be hanged hang under the hoods, which will give it the complete feel of off roader right from the steering.

As also leant, the Volkswagen is having pipeline empty till 2016, no newbies to be breaking ground at this attempt, hence the CrossPolo is also not an exception, making grounds clear for the Ford EcoSport to play cash collection with the a couple of lucky draws opened in its flip. Our suggestion will also remain for this German carmaker, making things happen after the trend is outdated decreases the life of product, hence which then had to be taken care like putting up the facelifts and special offers to reach chokingly on the other end.

New Volkswagen CrossPolo
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