Skoda May Launch Affordable SUVs in Near Future

Skoda enjoys the premium segmentation in Indian market and moreover the client base which it had created due to the exclusive branding and so, in spite of being new moniker in the fraternity, are such factors that needed to be talked about on the stage of great achievement, “but” here comes a barrier where this automaker fails to drive in the communication towards masses, the same niche clubbing is posing as a pillar in its way for most of the lucrative business.

The gist of this dragged subject is Czech carmaker now had to go down the line to gain maximum conversion rates instead of dwindling with the only exclusivity in the badge rather than the fat profit margins on sales sheet.

To an extent one can say that, being a down the line player, Mahindra had outdone others in the up market with XUV 500 and hence, now globally acclaimed Renault Duster had took over the Indian rigidity in the SUV stride just last month. If this the top-to-bottom fluency can happen then why not the vice versa.

Skoda May Launch Affordable SUVs in Near Future
Looking at present scenario, Yeti had not given those desired results due to the high priced segmentation, where the rivals took an advantage of this and vroom their own sales, leaving such international product scuffling with overcoat on backseat. No the disappointment, we seem something fishy going under the hat of Skoda which may come out neat in the near future in form of affordable SUVs to stand frugal in our market.

Plotting the imagination on extended pitches, we expect MQB platform to be pinned underneath, and about designs, no issues the parent company would help its sophisticated rich brat in the making, even the automaker also had a lot of engine in its kitty, both petrol as well as diesel, so dropping us a new bug at near future is for sure.

Lastly, we had also mentioned a couple of days back, Volkswagen may launch luxurious compact SUV by 2016, seems may share some of the cues with this one as well. If one can remember, then we all had learnt that Skoda announced to roll out around six cars every year in all the market, which this SUV may pose as a part of the same, and this briefing was made at the time of 2013 Skoda Octavia revelation, on which we are claiming this metal to be on board soon.

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