Who is a True Hottie: Victoria Secret Models or the Lamborghini Aventador

Victoria Secret models are creeping out more heat from the Lamborghini Aventador, which we can say Lambo is having a good time with them.

Victoria secrets had taken this photo shoot out in Miami, where bikini clad zero figure girls are a cool sight, and if they had been added with the factor like Aventador, then hot quotient goes up an extra notch and mercury starts pulling itself out from the thermometer. Yes, the same had happened just recently and meanwhile we have missed it out.

No to disappointment, there had surfaced a cool video on YouTube which we had posted below just for your satisfaction. Also divulging some of the lights on Aventador, and on girls afterwards, the Lambo which had been used in the shoot is not an ordinary one but is custom designed from famous German tuner DMC. ADV.1 wheels and other carbon fiber components add more ‘delight quotient’ to those lavishing pieces of flesh. If one can’t believe then, he can ask the Candice Swanepoel, Lais Ribeiro, Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo and Alessandra Ambrosio who were pumping down a lot of effort to fill up their “insufficient” oomph factor, as compared to that of Lamborghini Aventador.

Lamborghini Aventador And Victoria Secret Models

Overall, we stand at a point where only one question arises, Who is the actual Hottie?, Victoria Secret models or the Italian bug Lamborghini Aventador.

In our opinion we think, women feels jealous when someone else try to seduce men, like here it is Lambo, and Victoria Secret is trying to defy this stance; hopefully a wasteful effort, men definitely go for the screeching metal if given to choose one between both of them!

What’s your take?

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