Swiss artist Dante creates 24 carat gold sculpture of Lamborghini Miura

Swiss artist Dante has created a 24 carat gold sculpture of the Lamborghini Miura, apparently as a tribute to an iconic sports car.

The 1:24 scale interpretation of the iconic Lamborghini Miura supercar was built using silver, but finished in 24 carat gold. It comes with a black marble base and a piano black lacquered presentation case.

The Lamborghini Miura’s scaled sculpture will be showcased at the Formula One Grand Prix event, which is scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi in November.

Dante will create just fifty such scale models of the iconic Lamborghini Miura and each piece will cost 50,000 Swiss Francs (US$51,953).

Swiss artist Dante creates 24 carat gold sculpture of Lamborghini Miura

If that is not enough top satisfy your thirst for unique sculptures of supercars, then you can opt for Dante’s all-gold version of the art piece, but it will cost double the price of the 1:24 scale gold-silver interpretation of the iconic Lamborghini Miura supercar. The Swiss artist has also created a solid gold version of the classic Italian supercar Lamborghini Miura, which will also be presented during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix event.

The solid gold version of the classic Italian supercar will be available with a whopping 100,000 Swiss Francs (US$104,220) price tag. As Dante will create only a single piece of the solid gold version of the classic supercar, you will have to be first in the race.

Around a year back, Dante had showcased his 24 carat sculpture of the Ferrari at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The list of other gold sculptures created by Dante includes the Aston Martin DB5 and Mercedes Benz 300SL.

GM to make investment of $1 billon in Russia within 5 years

General Motors has decided to make an investment of around $1 billion in the coming five years with the aim to swell car and component fabrication in the Russian market.

Company’s head of international operations Tim Lee stated that Russia is one of the fastest developing automobile markets in the globe.

Jim Bovenzi, the president of GM Russia, stated, “We will invest an additional $1 billion into Russia, expand the capacity of the plant in Saint Petersburg to 230,000 cars per year and of the joint enterprise with AvtoVAZ in Togliatti to 120,000.”

Prior to an yearly auto show in Moscow, Lee stated that General Motors Co. which manufactures automobiles in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad as well as Togliatti, will invest the funds to boost production capacitance and in sourcing local constituents.

GM to make investment of $1 billon in Russia within 5 years

The amount of cars sold in the Russian market climbed up 40% in 2011 to 2.5 million, overturning losses registered after the credit crisis, with foreign brands made in Russia jumping 70% to hit 1 million.

Growth has de celeratedin 2012 but stays in double figures, and foreign car manufacturer sincluding GM – which stands second in the Russian market by car sales – are eyeing to further build up production.

The Detroit-based group, which has recovered from a spell in insolvency, commenced work during the month of June on the development of its facility in St Petersburg, where it proposes to increase productivity by two folds to 230,000 vehicles on an annual basis.

The St Petersburg facility constructs the Chevrolet Cruze sedan in addition to the Opel Astra hatchback, and the growth will append fabrication of the Astra sedan.

Maruti Suzuki Planning to launch CNG version of Alto K10?

The raised petrol prices have severely affected the entry-level car segment. Many buyers are looking for the diesel variantsin the segment or some cheaper alternative fuel version like the one equipped with LPG or CNG. The trend can be clearly seen in the Alto’s sales figures. In comparison to the 24,000 units it sold in the July last year, it was able to sell only 17,500 this July.

In April even Swift overtook the small cars becoming the highest selling model in India. The sales are much similar to the other cars in the segment since the petrol prices began to circle around Rs. 75 in the metros.

The CNG variants are now seen as the next best option for those who don’t want to invest a lot in upgrading to diesel but still want to put some check on their fuel expenditures. Now, Maruti is trying to gain this group of buyers by offering them with its popular 1.0 liter Alto K10. Maruti is already selling the CNG version of the 800 so it won’t be quite difficult to fit that into Alto as it possess same engine as Wagon R and Estilo and both have CNG options. It is quite sure that Maruti may reveal the CNG version of the Alto during festive season, off course with some compromised boot space thanks to the CNG kit.

Maruti Suzuki Planning to launch CNG version of Alto K10

It is also possible that 800’s replacement Alto 800 might also feature a CNG version right from the launch. The company is also working on new 800cc engine to power its smaller cars in next few years.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels gets fourth dealership in Thane

Mahindra First Choice Wheels, India’s largest multi-brand pre owned Car Company which sells high-quality used cars that ensures warranted spectacular experience, has put up a new milestone in its success and extension. Mahindra First Choice Wheels extended its dealership count to four, as it officially inaugurated the fourth authorized dealership in Thane.

The Thane-showroom, located opposite Raheja Gardens is to be run by Fast Track Cars. As far as services offered by the new dealership are concerned, all the First Choice Wheels services have been included. This means apart from just purchase and sales, fitting of accessories and financing of loans and installments too have been included.

On the occasion of inauguration of the dealership, Mahindra First Choice Wheels  Operations & Network Vice President, Yatin Chadha said, “We believe used car buyers have the same aspirations as those who buy new cars. The used car industry often focuses only on the car transaction and not on the total experience of car-ownership. With this new store we hope to change this perception and create a unique, aspirational experience for the certified used car consumer, right from the point of entry till final exit from our showrooms.”

Mahindra First Choice Wheels gets fourth dealership in Thane

The Thane-dealership too will be able to offer the two new warranty products launched by the company; WARRANTYFIRST and CERTIFIRST. As far as the WARRANTYFIRST is concerned, the product takes care of the warranty cover for major electrical & mechanical components of the car or a period of 12 months or 15,000 km, whichever is earlier. While the latter, CERTIFIRST is to deal with car’s engine & transmission faults for a period of 6 months or 7,500 km, whichever is earlier.

As of now, Mahindra First Choice Wheels has over 180 outlets in the nation. Spread across 100 towns, the First Choice Wheels is one of the ace players in the used car market. First Choice Wheels has been reported with a projected increment of dealership count to 500 over the coming three years.

Renault to launch Scala on Sept. 7th in India

The Scala, Renault India’s fifth in the recent times, is all set to be launched in India on 7th of September this year.

To be available with a starting price tag of Rs.5.93 lakh, the Renault Scala will try to fill void of an entry level sedan. It will try to fit in between the Pulse and the Fluence.

Much of the Sacla’s redesign was finalized at the manufacturer’s Mumbai-based design studio. Designers at the studio gave the Scala a slightly more elaborate redesign attempt than the Pulse, which looks very much like the Micra in case one ignore its bonnet grille and the badges.


Renault to launch Scala on Sept. 7th in India

The Scala’s hexagonal grille and front bumper redesign appears to essentially lend more character and individuality to the new Renault sedan compared to the Pulse. When viewed from the side, the Scala looks like the Nissan Sunny, but its new front bumper allows it to differentiate from the Nissan vehicle. The thick chrome strip runs across the rear of the Scala and merges into the lines of the redesigned tail-lamp. The addition of chrome enhances the vehicle’s look and feel. Overall, the redesign allows the Scala to look more squat and wide.

In terms of performance, the Renault Scala offers the same two engines that are found with the Nissan Sunny. The 1,498cc petrol XH2 engine, which is the HR15 in the sunny, delivers a maximum of 99PS power and 134Nm torque. Initially, the engine will come with five-speed manual transmission only. However, the Scala petrol include a CVT automatic gearbox at some alter stage.

The Renault K9K, 1,461cc diesel engine delivers the lower tune level and offers a peak power and torque of 86PS and 200 Nm, respectively. The diesel engine will come only paired with the manual gearbox.

The RxL and RxZ variants feature larger 15-inch rims, while the lower trim RxE variant has the 14-inch wheels.

The Renault Scala will compete with the likes of the Volkswagen Vento, the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna.

Nissan GT-R hybrid will come in 2018: Report

The next-generation of Nissan’s GT-R will come with petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain sometime in the year of 2018, according to a new report by American website Inside Line.

The American website said Nissan had plans to launch the next Nissan GT-R hybrid sports coupe in 2015, but the company delayed the new model due to GT-R chief Kazutoshi Mizuno’s heath concerns.

The first-generation Nissan GT-R hybrid sports coupe was launched in 2007 and since then it received only some very minor facelifts.

As per the report, GT-R aims to join an increasing number of sports cars to reap the benefits of petrol-electric hybrid technology to provide potential buyers with more power and greater efficiency.

Nissan GT-R hybrid will come in 2018 Report

Emerging reports also suggest that until the development of the next-generation GT-R Mk2, Nissan will pay heed to other hybrids, such as the Porsche 918 Spyder. Porsche Hybrid will reportedly be capable of sprinting from zero to 100kmph in around three seconds and delivering great fuel efficiency.

The other hybrid vehicle which Nissan GT-R hybrid will be closely paying heed to is the next-generation Honda NSX, which will come equipped with a mid-mounted V6 accompanied by three electric motors. One of the three motors will be for dual-clutch transmission, while the other two will be for sending torque to the front wheels that will help deliver enhanced handling.

In the meantime, the current GT-R will receive a significant facelift in terms of styling and mechanics. The updates will be more cosmetic along with some performance tweaks, which will reportedly take the vehicle a notch higher than where it stands today. The updated version of the current GT-R will break covers sometime in 2013.

Polaris completes one year in India

Polaris India Pvt. Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of power-sports vehicle manufacturer Polaris Industries Inc., recently accomplished one year of its operations in the Indian automobile market.

To mark its first anniversary in India, Polaris hosted celebrations at Camp Wild in Faridabad, Haryana, and the company’s Managing Director Pankaj Dubey was there to play the cordial host. The celebrations included a number of events such as off-roading.

Mr. Dubey expressed contentment over the company’s performance in the country in the last one year period. He said the company successfully achieved its sales targets. During the one year period, Polaris India participated in and hosted numerous off-road events to exhibit their all-terrain vehicles.

Polaris completes one year in India

The managing director said that Polaris India’s expansion plans were on track, and also announced with the launch of its newest dealership in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He said the company was thrilled to venture into Indore to offer unrivalled off road experience.

Speaking on the topic, he said, “We are excited to venture into Indore to offer unmatched off road experience.”

The expert of world class off road vehicles decided to stretch its feet to Indore, Madhya Pradesh, because the state is one of the major tourist destinations in India and promises to become a good market for Polaris.

As per Mr. Dubey’s claims, the company is receiving around 300 inquiries every day from adventure lovers. However, he admitted that only a few would purchase Polaris vehicles just for adventure and fun. Polaris vehicles are available with price tags, ranging from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 25 lakh.

Polaris India is now eyeing India’s major adventure, tourism, construction and mining sites as its prospective market.

Bentley to exhibit three new cars at MIAS

This year’s Moscow International Auto Salon (MIAS) is providing visitors a great opportunity to feast their eyes on luxury car maker Bentley’s three new models.

The three new cars being exhibited by Bentley includes the Mulsanne Executive Interior, the Continental V8 and the Continental GT Speed, which is the fastest of them all. Bentley claimed that it was presenting the fastest, the most luxurious and the sportiest cars that the company has ever produced.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe:

The Continental GT Speed coupe is Bentley’s new performance flagship car. It promises to appeal to driving enthusiasts who want agile handling and outright performance. The GT Speed coupe’s can sprint from zero to 98kmph in just 4.0 seconds, and has a top speed of 329kmph, which puts it at the very top end of automotive performance.

Apart from top speed performance, the GT Speed features unrivaled craftsmanship as well as fashionable luxury well-associated with Bentley cars. It has hand-crafted cabin that comes with Bentley’s Mulliner Driving Specification as standard and several signature Speed design cues. It comes equipped with a unique 6-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine, which produces 616bhp and 800Nm of torque that deliver thunderous speed performance with unforced overtaking potential.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe

Continental GT V8:

Continental GT V8 made its Russian debut at the ongoing MIAS. With its new 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine, it delivers a maximum power of 500bhp at 6000RPM. The torque peaks at 660Nm. The impressive 500bhp and 660Nm offers thrilling and effortless performance ever before seen in Bentley’s cars. It can sprint fro zero to 100kmph in merely 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 303kmph. At the same time, this new car offers exceptional levels of fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, and is capable of run more than 800km on a single tank of fuel.

Continental GT V8

Mulsanne Executive Interior:

Mulsanne Executive Interior was first exhibited as a concept at the last year’s Frankfurt Show. But, in Russia it was exhibited for the first time at the 2012 MIAS. This car comes in two Specifications, viz. Theatre and iPad. The iPad Specification offers state-of-the-art connectivity and office level functionality on the move. It also offers two delightfully crafted veneered picnic tables for passengers on the rear seats. Twin iPads accompanied by wireless keyboards are revealed at the single touch of a button. For entertainment, a 15.6-inch centrally located HD LED screen offers DVD movies, TV program and music.

The three new cars are expected to reinforce Bentley’s pinnacle positioning in the luxury automotive sector.

The 2012 Moscow International Auto Salon (MIAS) opened on August 29 and will run through September 9.

Mulsanne Executive Interior

GM releases images of new Chevrolet Beat

Auto giant General Motors (GM) has released some official images of the next-generation Chevrolet Beat, which is scheduled to make official debut at the upcoming 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The images of the new Chevrolet Beat, which is called Spark in Europe, clearly shows that the hatchback an impressive facelift. The new Beat features front fascia with new bumper, grille and more sophisticatedly positioned fog lights surrounded by chrome elements.

The rear of the car has also received some enhancements. The tail-lamps have been revised, plus, a new third tail-lamp has been mounted into the spoiler above the window.

GM releases images of new Chevrolet Beat

However, the manufacturer kept the engine options the same as before, a 70PS 1.0-litre & a 1.2-litre with 85PS of max power, which have been found working very well in the existing models.

The new Beat also features all-new fifteen-inch alloy wheels. More will come out at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Most of specifications revealed in the recently released images of the new Chevrolet Beat were the same as earlier captured during a test of the car on Indian soil. As the Indian market derives its cars from the Euro-spec models, observers were sure that the new car, which is known as Spark in Europe, would also make its way on to the Indian shores.

The new Chevrolet Beat is expected to hit Indian roads by the end of the current year or early 2013.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE gets launched in UK

From September 24th, the turbocharged version of Hyundai Veloster will be available in the showrooms of UK. The 1+2 door coupe from Hyundai, Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE, will have a price tag of £21,995. This is the first vehicle to have the 1.6 litre T-GDI engine from Hyundai along with a high-compression and twin scroll turbocharger. The power output and the low end torque are increased so that the vehicle could suit to the different types of driving requirements in European countries and could give incredible driving experience.

The power output is 184 bhpand the torque is 265 Nm. There isa standard six-speed manual transmission along with wider gear ratios. The vehicle can attain the top speed of 214 kmph and the acceleration can reach 0-100 kmph in 8.4 seconds. The maximumtorque given is between 1,500 rpm and 4,500 rpm which ensurethat the driving is responsive and engaging. The body controlis improved with firmer dampers. The efficiency is maximized with all Hyundai powertrain. The Veloster Turbo SE gives CO2 emissions of 257 g/km and the fuel economy offered is 17 kmpl on the combined cycle.

The President and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, Tony Whitehorn has stated that the Veloster has been able to get its identity as a fun car very quickly. With the Veloster Turbo SE, Hyundai has got the dynamism, excitement and emotional features blended into its new series of vehicles. Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE as an overall product is far stronger than its other competitors like VW Scirocco1.4 TSI and Astra GTC 1.6i 16v VVT Turbo. Mr.Whitehorn also said that the company believes that Veloster will be more appealing tothe drivers because of its enhanced performance. The drivers who want to have the combination of a trendy design along with good driving experience, efficiency and practicality of the vehicle will definitely like Veloster the most.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE gets launched in UK

The outward appearance of the Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE has the standard feature 1+2 door structure but the car has got some new looks too. There is a front bumper, radiator grille and front fog lights present in this version of Turbo. The back portion has a bumper which has the new fog lamp and two exhaustsand a diffuser. The rear spoiler, which is wider and longer and comes along with an integrated LED brake light, is also another new inclusion. On the bottom right portion of the bootlid, there is a red “Turbo” nameplate.

The Turbo SE has got 18″ alloy wheels that have chrome insets. There are moulded side sills which offer the car a sporty and low stance. The Veloster Turbo SE will be available in three colors- White Crystal (solid), Phantom Black (Pearl), and a Matt Grey finish, first time from Hyundai. The cost of the Pearl and Matt Grey paints will be £445 and £525 respectively. One can get a sliding and tilt sunroof for £950.”

The car has got some changes in its interiors too. The leather seats are re-designed with grey panels and the name “Turbo embossed on the driver’s seat as well as thepassenger’s seats. The driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically with a support for the lumbar region. There is a 7” touchscreen satellite navigation system, an incorporating media centre and a reverse parking camera along with parking guidance. The buyers can also have an upgraded 8-speaker sound systemthat includes amplifier and subwoofer. All these features are taking this Hyundai Velostar Turbo SE to a new standard and making it the prime version in the Veloster range. Like the other Hyundai products, Veloster Turbo SE will also have a five year Triple Care assurance package that is fully transferrable. This package includes a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, 5-years free road-sideassistance and 5-years health checksfor the vehicle.