2012 Toyota Fortuner in India: A review

Toyota has already got its Fortuner out of the blocks and into the markets and it is common knowledge that it is doing extremely well. The car company wants to extend their lead over their competitors by giving the people another car to marvel at, resembling but not identical to the previous Fortuner model, the new 2012 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D4-D model. The car manufacturers unveiled their latest this January amidst tough competitors like Nissan, Ford and Mitsubishi. The Toyota SUV with its automatic transmission variant performed extremely well, caressing through the rugged testing grounds and this leaves much to hope and expect from its two wheel drive variant.

2012 Toyota Fortuner in India

The changes:

Before we go into the functioning and performance delivered by the car, we would like to dwell on the exciting new changes that have been brought upon. First there is a marked difference when viewed from the front, in comparison to the predecessor of this 2012 Toyota Fortuner. The larger grille has got a more of embossed feel than before; the headlights have taken an angular slant to give it that edginess. The front bumper has been replaced and restyled to notch up that style quotient.  Coming to the sides, you would immediately notice the difference in the alloy wheels. The intercooler on the bonnet now has got a wider intake as well and finally in the rear end, the noticeable difference is in the tail lamps that have also stylized it into slanted clear-lenses. On the interiors, the cabin has got some remodeling work done to itself. The interiors have more of a hybrid feel similar to the Toyota Innova or the futuristic Hyundai Hexa Space. The center console packs in itself a touch screen control that has integrated itself to the car’s functioning. The technology aspect has notched up several degrees inside the Toyota; the steering wheel houses the controls of a Bluetooth telephony function.

2012 Toyota Fortuner in India

The powertrain:

The 2012 Toyota Fortuner comes in with another upgrade in its cockpit, allowing the driver ease while cruising in this stylish SUV. The car provides for a six way power adjusts allowing the driver to relax and ease into the best driving position. This car does indeed glide with its four speed torque converter gearbox which runs on the 3.0 liter D4-D engine.

2012 Toyota Fortuner interior


Though an SUV, the gearing system is kept extremely smooth making it quite perfect for traffic conditions while travelling on city roads. The gear box responds quite quickly to the changes. If there can be a ‘spottable’ negative then it is with the gearbox downshift, which takes a bit of a delay before taking action. But this glitch is however always unnoticed until and unless you need an instant torque supply from the engine.

2012 Toyota Fortuner engine


Price of the new 2012 Toyota Fortuner is going to be somewhere around Rs.20lacs (ex-showroom).


If you are looking to get yourself an SUV, that would suit your adventurous needs while allowing you to make you smooth journey through the bustling city traffic without any hassle whatsoever, this may be what you had been looking for. The car rides extremely well, and is sure worth the extra bit from your wallet.

2012 Toyota Fortuner in India

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