Honda Siel Eyeing India for its small Sedan launch

Since Indian automobile market is booming with new variants now and then, Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI), which is a collaboration of the two counterparts from Japan and India respectively, is considering launching its range of small sedan cars in the lucrative Indian market. The company has over the past few years made a mark in India with their sleek designed cars such as Brio, Jazz, Civic and lastly City. These cars have met with wide demand and owing to its success Honda Siel is now analyzing all the prospects of launching its small sedan variants on the Indian roads.

The sedans which Honda Siel has planned for India are low-cost ones ranged around Brio. Presently Honda Brio and Jazz have 1.2L engines and the upcoming small sedans to be launched here will also be having the same engine configurations.

Honda Siel Eyeing India for its small Sedan launch
In the past one year the operations of Honda Siel had been affected so as the result of many natural disasters that hit Japan over the years. Due to this Honda stayed a step behind its compatriots Nissan, Maruti-Suzuki and Volkswagen which continued to expand in India on a wide scale. A detailed analysis of sales shows that Honda rolled out 1072 units in the month of December 2011 against 5135 units in December 2010.

The new sedans will be approximately 3995 mm long thus making them eligible to evade 10% excise duty as prescribed under the regulations. The prospective price of the new Honda Siel cars has been fixed in the range of Rs 4-6 Lakhs. The company is said to be focusing on its present cars to escalate the sales rate and once the losses have been met, the company will look towards belting out its newest range of sedans in the Indian market.

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