2019 Tata H7X SUV Spied Testing In India

2019 Tata H7X SUV Spied Testing In India

Tata has started the test run of a new seven seat variant of its Harrier Tata H7X. Auto experts claim that this variant will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, with a new name! Now from the first glance we see that the H7X SUV has almost the same looks as other Harrier models but with additional seating space to accommodate two more passengers.

The image clearly highlighted the Land Rover design elements such as the roof profile and the structure of the allow wheels. The interiors have not been tweaked a lot, except for the changes needed to accommodate the third row.

The 2.0 litre would have enhanced power and will be available in the six speed manual as well as automatic variant. We hope to see the Tata H7X SUV on sale in India during the festival season, however it will cost around a lakh more than the normal five seater Harrier.

Nonetheless, we do expect that after seeing the advance features and performance, automobile lovers would not mind the price hike, don’t you think so? Do let us know by commenting in the section below.

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