New Tata Nexon EV MAX Launched | Long Driving Range – 437 KM | Best Indian EV? |

New Tata Nexon EV MAX Launched | Long Driving Range - 437 KM | Best Indian EV? |

Tata Motors has launched the new Tata Nexon EV MAX and we tell you all about it.

Since its launch in 2020, the Nexon EV has done fairly well in the EV segment, with more than 19,000 units on road, giving the brand a market share of 87% in the EV segment.

Tata Motors has reached another milestone in India’s electric mobility, as it launched the long-range version of the Nexon EV. The Nexon EV MAX claims to offer a certified driving range of 437 km. 

The new Tata Nexon EV MAX is equipped with a 40.5 kWh Li-ion battery pack with Ziptron technology, which offers 33% more battery capacity than before. This increased battery capacity helps the car achieve an extended driving range of 437 km, which was very much needed for inter-city travel. The Nexon EV Max is available with options of a 3.3 kW charger or a 7.2 kW AC fast charger, the AC fast charger can be installed either at home or at the workplace, which helps in reducing charging time to 6.5 hours. The Nexon EV MAX will support a faster charging time of 0 – 80% in just 56 minutes from any 50 kW DC fast charger.

The Nexon EV MAX produces 143 HP & 250 Nm of torque, which delivers a 0-100 km/h time of under 9 seconds, which is an incredible performance for a vehicle of such proportions. 

The Nexon EV MAX is available in XZ+ & XZ+ Lux trims. Tata has also offered three new colours for the EV, Intensi-Teal, Daytona Grey & Pristine White. The Intensi-teal, however, is only exclusively available with the MAX variant, while other colours are available with the standard EV as well. 

The new EV gets striking new interiors with a modernised touch to it, the central console undergoes a significant revamp and attains a clean design that looks uncluttered than before. The interior features a jewelled central knob, an all-new interior theme of Makarana-beige shade, leather seats with ventilation, an air purifier, wireless charging, auto-dimming rear-view mirror & cruise control. The Cruise control plays an essential role in EVs, helping them achieve better efficiency and driving range with controlled acceleration, as compared to the standard human input over the throttle. 

The Nexon EV MAX gets three driving modes eco, city & sport. The ECU has been tuned with respect to the driving modes and traffic conditions to achieve the highest possible efficiency for the EV. The EV also gets connected car tech, the ZConnect app which offers the user of the car, drive analytics, and diagnostics. The user can use these features to additionally set a time limit for charging. The Interface also supports smartwatch integration.

The Nexon EV MAX is also offered with a new feature called a Multi-Mode Regen feature, which allows the user to adjust the level of regenerative braking. Users can choose between 4 Regen levels on the basis of the surrounding driving conditions. 

As for the safety aspect of the EV, the new EV MAX gets ESP, Hill Hold Assist Hill-Descent Control, Electronic Parking Brake, Auto Vehicle Hold & disc brakes both at the front and rear. The battery & motor pack comes with an IP67 rating for being weather-proof. 

Tata Motors is offering a warranty of 8 years / 1,60,000 km on the battery & motor pack. 

The new Tata Nexon EV MAX has been launched at a price of Rs 17.74 Lakhs and the range-topping Lux trim costs Rs 19.24 Lakhs (ex-showroom).


  • Driving Range – 437 Km
  • Power- 143 HP & 250 Nm Torque
  • Can Charge 0-80% in 56 Minutes via a 50 kW DC Charger
  • Available in XZ+ & XZ+ Lux Variant
  • New Colours: Intensi-Teal, Daytona Grey & Pristine White
  • Driving Modes- Eco, City & Sport
  • Connected Car Tech Features
  • Warranty- 8 Years / 1,60,000 Km
  • Price – Rs 17.74-19.24 Lakhs (ex-showroom)

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